4 Insightful Tips to Market your Products Uniquely

4 Insightful Tips to Market your Products Uniquely

Coming up with a marketing strategy that is cost efficient and result oriented may seem like a complicated task, however if you are well aware of the psychology of your target audience and latest marketing trends, you are likely to achieve results. Whether you are a top notch brand or a startup, marketing products in a unique manner is likely to earn you attention from customers. Here are a few tips for promoting your products distinctively.

Use Creative and Compelling Advertising Techniques

Even if you are creating an ad or campaign for the conventional print or electronic media, make it catchy enough so that it grabs the attention of a wider audience. Bumper stickers, window stickers, posters and brochures are inexpensive and effective ways to advertise the products/services. Make use of guerilla marketing techniques and see how your products gain popularity with the customers. Guerilla marketing involves offering your audience simple, gripping and lasting messages delivered in a unique manner. Make your ad campaign unique and inspiring so people continue to remember it. For example, to promote a new energy drink, using a flash mob is a great idea. Sharing interesting videos and jingles online is yet another smart approach to market your products/services.

Always offer more than the Customers’ Expectations

If you are launching a new product range and want your customers to like it, offer them a little something extra to stir their interest. For example, a restaurant offering a new cuisine can give customers a special free dessert along with the appetizer and main course. Clothing and shoe brands can offer limited time offers on their new product ranges. Surprise gifts and coupons are incisive ways of product promotion. While marketing a new product/service bundle it up with a gift or offer to exceed customers’ expectations.

Hold Interesting Contests and Events

When promoting new products, hold contests on social media pages for your customers. For instance if you are launching a new cosmetics range; engage the audience by posting questions related to the products, highlight the results and offer the winners gift vouchers. Rather than making the product launch events overly corporate, make them entertaining and engaging for the customers. Invite a celebrity to the event for product endorsement, make him/her interact with your prospective customers and offer free testing or trials.

Use Multiple Channels for Publicity

Having a strong web and social media presence is likely to make you a well-known brand globally. Blogs and publications are also great ways to promote a business. Incorporating Live Chat on your website is an interactive medium that can be used for marketing products and boosting up a brand’s reputation. The live chat operators can inform customers about special offers and promotions that your business is currently running. You can credibly promote and sell a new product via live chat service since the Q&A’s are taking place in real time and a customer can make an instant decision.

To dazzle your customers, think out of the box to seek new ways of marketing products/services.

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