5 Easy Ways for Creating Buyer Persona Map

5 Easy Ways for Creating Buyer Persona Map

Many marketers face the dilemma of knowing too little or nothing about prospective customers. Moreover, most businesses have a diverse customer base, therefore, it is imperative to understand the needs and buying behavior of your potential customers. This will help companies design better marketing campaigns which appeal to target customers. A comprehensive customer profile also known as buyer persona helps you know customer preferences and factors that can impact their buying decisions. The next question is how to create buyer persona map that gives you valuable information about your ideal customers? Start off with the basics, organize customer data based on demographics, you can then further create detailed descriptions out of the available data. Understanding what matters most to your ideal customers is an essential step in creating buyer persona, you can use surveys and polls to know what your prospects need and like. Have a look at some useful ways to create buyer persona map!

Start off with Basic Customer Profiling

First of all, you need to define your target audience based on demographic details such as age, gender, job title and location. Once you organize the basic details, you can move to the next step of creating a detailed customer profile. For instance, the basic information about your target audience would give you an insight on what your prospects expect and what their attitude would be towards your products and service. If for instance, your target audience is identified to be millennials, you can create a comprehensive profile based on their job title, job responsibilities, income and location. However, demographic details alone are not enough for creating buyer persona.

Use Polls and Surveys to Understand Customer Needs

The second step in creating buyer persona map is to understand the needs of your potential customers. Use polls and surveys to know what your buyers actually need, however, you need to keep the surveys simple and short. The questions should be designed in a way that reveal if a buyer is in urgent need of a product/service or is buying out of curiosity. The surveys can be conducted through platforms such as social media and live chat Solutions. The responses should then be analyzed and basic customer needs can be added to your buyer persona map.

Identify the Preferences of Your Ideal Customers

Another essential step for creating buyer persona map is to identify the preferences of your ideal customers. What are the values of your ideal customers, what makes them search for a new product/service and do they give preference to product price, quality or something else when making a buying decision. You need to know what kind of content appeals to them and which social media channels they like the most. Customer profiling is significantly important for online businesses, since it is likely to help them define their content and social media strategies.

Analyze Factors Impacting Decision-Making Process of Your Customers

After creating customer profiles based on their needs and preferences, you need to take into account factors that can impact the buying decisions of your target audience. Based on the information you have, think of possible aspects that can be a hindrance for a customer in trying your product/service, this could be your competitor offering a better product or a customer finding it difficult to trust your new product. List down all possibilities and factors that can influence your prospects’ buying decisions, based on that your marketing team can come up with an effective strategy to influence the buying decisions of potential customers.

Brainstorming on Common Concerns Customers Might Have  

While creating customer profiles, you need to list all the constraints, concerns, frustrations and issues that prospective customers might have. Conduct brainstorming sessions on how to solve these issues before they turn into major pain points for new customers. For instance, a customer might find it difficult to initiate communication with a business or could be frustrated with post-sale service. You can use your customer journey mapping details to make your buyer persona map more authentic. This way you will be able to discuss issues that can annoy and frustrate potential customers and find solutions to them.

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