5 Effective Problem Solving Steps for Businesses

5 Effective Problem Solving Steps for Businesses

Effective problem solving is vital for delivering great service experience. Customers who get in touch with a business regarding an issue want an instant solution to their problem. While there are conventional ways to solve customer service problems, most of them are time consuming and involve a lot of paperwork which results in customers getting even more frustrated.

Critical thinking while solving problems is likely to help your staff make better decisions. Critical thinking involves rationally analyzing a situation by evaluating all the elements of the problem. It is based upon logically connecting ideas and evaluating various arguments to reach a better conclusion/decision. Here are five steps on applying critical thinking to solve problems.

Asking the Right Questions is Important

A customer complaining about a particular issue might point out a lot of things. Your Live chat service team should understand the importance of paying attention to detail and asking the right questions. If for instance, a customer complains about a damaged or faulty product, ask him/her for all the essential information that can help you analyze the situation better. Asking questions would help you get a clear idea of the problem at hand, it might be possible that a customer is missing out a very important detail so you need to actively listen to everything he/she has to say and ask more.

Analyze the Information and Identify Key Elements

Once you have gathered the relevant information about a problem, the next step is to analyze it and identify the key elements of the issue. Look at various perspectives of an issue so that you know how to develop a strategy to communicate with an angry customer. Without evaluating the details, you will not be able to satisfy a customer with an agreeable solution. For instance, if you have a complaint regarding an online order that has been discarded without informing the customer and you have all the basic information, start evaluating what led to such a situation and why.

Verify All the Related Facts

Effective problem solving involves verifying the facts before making a decision. Your customer support team should understand the importance of double checking the source of information before proposing solutions to customers. Verifying the facts will help you think more independently and logically to come up with the right solution. If a customer tells you that he/she had a bad experience because of your staff, investigate into the matter.

Think About Multiple Solutions to a Problem

After evaluating different elements of a problem, you need to come up with multiple solutions for it. No matter how complicated a problem might appear, think of various ways to solve it. If there is a complaint about a wrong order being delivered, think about more than one way to fix the issue. Focus on how you can rectify this negative experience and turn it into a memorable one for that customer.

Propose the Best Solution after Evaluation

Brainstorming is essential for better decision making. Evaluate the consequences of every solution, see what impact it can have on your customer and business after which you should offer the best one. For any situation, you should discuss various solutions with your team members and ask for their opinion. Put yourself in the customers’ shoes and choose the best possible solution that would make them happy.

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