5 Marketing Tips for Online Businesses

5 Marketing Tips for Online Businesses

Growing competition in the online market space has forced companies to adapt new marketing strategies to increase brand visibility in order to enhance their sales. While there are numerous strategies to follow in the digital world, listed below are the top 5 marketing tips for businesses to look into:

Offer Discounts and Deals to Attract Customers

A great marketing technique to attract more customers is through special offers and promotions. Market ‘Buy one Get One Free’ deals on your products or 10% discount on certain purchases to get the attention of your customers from time to time. In case reduction in price is not affordable for your business, add something a little extra in order to increase the perceived value of the service or product, for example free shipping or a small gift with every purchase of a certain amount.

Boost Brand Loyalty with Customer Reviews

Reviews from customers are a great way to market and promote your business. Research shows that customer reviews strongly impact buying decisions as well. According to a 2013 survey conducted by Bright Local, 79 percent of the customers have faith in online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendation. While, 73 percent said that positive reviews regarding a brand or business makes them trust it more.

Hence, it’s time for companies to use positive product reviews and posts more than traditional marketing means because customers trust their peers more than advertisements. Positive reviews will also bring traffic to a business website. However, without integrating 24/7 live chat support, businesses cannot proactively interact with online customers on their website. Adding live chat to the website or Facebook business page of the company is a great way to provide customer support and resolve issues promptly.

Use Webinars to Target Potential Customers

Webinars or web-based seminars is another way to market and create awareness about your company. It enables businesses to present their products or services to a live online audience through video conferencing. Businesses can use it to give out information and interact with the audience.

Use SEO and Blog for Optimizing Your Website

Every business wants their company website to appear among the first results when a user enters a relevant search term related to that business. But how exactly can you do this? SEO or search engine optimization experts can help you with this.

Also, starting a blog on your website which has relevant and interesting content has become an essential to bring traffic to your website. By regularly posting unique, high quality and interesting articles on the blog, businesses can engage more visitors and market the features of their products and services.

Promote Your Business through Social Media

Don’t just create a business page on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+, use it actively to engage and interact with your audience. Social media has become a popular and effective way to promote your business. The reason is simple, people love social sites and it’s one of their favourite mediums to search, access and converse about businesses. Companies can use this platform to announce or promote their new products and services.

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