5 Promotional Ideas for Businesses to Enhance Sales

5 Promotional Ideas for Businesses to Enhance Sales

In order to survive in a competitive business environment and increase sales, it is important to attract customers through effective and exciting promotional ideas. Devising a promotional strategy that can grab the attention of your customers and entice them into buying from you requires research on your competitors and the psychographics of your target audience. A well-defined and smart product promotion plan can turn out to be a competitive advantage for your business, since customers prefer brands that offer them more. If you want to bring your products/service into the limelight, here are five useful promotional ideas that are likely to get the attention of your prospective customers and can help you with enhancing sales significantly!

Offer Free Trials and Free Shipping

While this may be the oldest and the most traditional marketing gimmick, offering your customers a free sample/trial and free shipping would make them buy your product. For instance, if you own a skin rejuvenation cosmetics business and want to promote your new Vitamin C Anti-Aging Cream, offer your customers free samples and give your overseas customers the leverage to buy it without any shipping charges. There are a few online fashion retail stores that enable their customers to try their desired products at home and then make the payment. Such business promotion ideas always work, so offer your customers convenience and a little extra than their expectations.

Give Referral Discounts and Gifts

Rewarding your loyal customers for spreading positive word about your business in the form of discounts and gifts would make them your brand advocates. For instance, if you are running a handbag and shoe store, you can give a 30 percent discount to a customer who brings in three friends/acquaintances with him/her. A restaurant or a café can also use a similar strategy for rewarding customers who refer their friends and loved ones to check it out; free dessert, dinner coupons or loyalty cards can be used to encourage such customers. Referral discount strategy if implemented wisely is likely to bring you a huge number of new customers.

An Exciting Trade-In Offer Always Works

Another product promotion idea is to offer customers an exciting trade-in offer. A deal that says that you can give in your old product and get a mega discount on the new one would sound promising to your repeat customers. Such an offer can be of great advantage to automobile, furniture and electronics businesses. People want to change their vehicles after a certain time period, the same goes for furniture and electronic items. Therefore, offering such deals would help attract customers and increase sales.

Offer Attractive Upgrades

In order to enhance sales, you can offer your customers a product/service upgrade with better and improved features/functions. Customers want innovation and they always look for new and improved products/service. Offering them an upgrade that satisfies their needs would entice them into buying from your brand. Make your upgrade promotional deals attractive enough that they engage your customers effectively. For instance, if you are an internet service provider and want to sell your new upgraded package, you can offer your customers a deal in which they will be upgraded to the new package having better speed and more MBs of data usage by paying a little extra.

Hold an Interesting Contest

A contest that stirs the interest of your customers can do wonders for your product promotion and result in an increase in sales. Holding online contests through live chat is yet another smart way of promoting your brand. You can have a thorough insight on the psychographics of your target audience and create a contest that they would feel inclined to be a part of. For instance, if you are running a hair care business, to promote your products and engage customers, you can ask them to share a best and worst hair moment on your Facebook page. You can decide the winners based on the likes and comments on the posts and award them gift baskets of your products and free hairdos from a renowned salon.

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