5 Psychological Triggers that Can Help You Sell More

5 Psychological Triggers that Can Help You Sell More

Influencing the decisions of your target customers depends primarily on how well you understand them and their needs. While every customer you come across is different, the emotional triggers for most people are essentially the same. If you want to persuade your target audience you need to identify what is important to them. Humans are inquisitive by nature, so curiosity is one psychological trigger that can be used in your marketing messages as a call to action. Similarly, people like finding answers to their questions, so a marketing campaign that gives information gets desired results since people are likely to take action on something that has been explained to them in detail. While devising your marketing and advertising campaign, here are a few psychological triggers that you can use to sell more!

Offering Something New and Unique Always Grabs Attention

Exposure to something fresh and unique stimulates the mind and induces the feeling of pleasure. People seek something new as it gives them the feeling of excitement, happiness and reward. Using this psychological trigger in your marketing messages is likely to grab attention of your target audience. Labeling a product as “Innovative”, “One of its Kind”, “Distinctive”, or “Exceptional” would compel people to check it out. Updating your products frequently or offering something new to your customers at regular intervals would keep them coming back to you.

People Prefer Simple, Fast and Effective Solutions

Anything that works fast and is effective always appeals. You can instantly grab the attention of your target audience by offering them easy, fast and effective solutions. When selling products, telling your customers that it is ‘easy to use’ and you offer 24/7 Live chat Support for it, will help you sell more. Similarly, adding a time frame to a marketing message such as “Get Results in 10 Days” expresses the efficiency of your product. Market in a way that your target audience finds your product very convenient to use, fast and result oriented at the same time.

Storytelling Helps the Audience Relate to Your Brand and Product

Storytelling is a great way to make your target audience relate to your brand and product. Storytelling triggers all sorts of emotions in humans. You need to select the ones that you want to activate in your target audience. For instance, if you are selling a new breakfast cereal, you can stimulate the emotions of happiness and energy through storytelling showing a young entrepreneur starting off her day with the product and staying energetic throughout the day. For online marketing campaigns, you can use interesting visuals and create stories around them.

Curiosity Would Keep People Engaged and Excited

Humans are curious by nature. In order to engage your target audience and stir their interest, you need to inspire curiosity through your marketing and advertising campaigns. Use “Teasers” to get your target audience curious about what you are launching. Use content that generates excitement and compels customers to find out more about your brand. Show a glimpse of what you’re offering and then leave your audience guessing what it would be. You can design your e-mail marketing campaign in a similar way. Be creative with your messages and keep the audience curious and waiting for your next e-mail or ad.

Social Proof Helps Build Trust and Persuades Potential Customers

Most people look to others while deciding on something. It is always easy to trust a loved one, friend or acquaintance. Word of mouth is a powerful tool for marketing, therefore, in order to build trust with your target customers and persuade them into buying from you, use social proof. Testimonials and product reviews from existing clients, adding logos of the companies that are doing business with you would encourage and convince other people to buy from you.

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