5 Steps for Launching a PR Campaign for Your New Business

5 Steps for Launching a PR Campaign for Your New Business

A well planned marketing strategy is an important aspect that new businesses focus upon. While this is essential for a new company, a well-thought out public relations plan can help your new business grow by fostering goodwill with prospective customers. Designing a PR campaign involves a combination of various activities, for instance using media effectively to promote your product through news and reviews, supporting a cause and building your image as a professional and responsible brand. A well-designed PR campaign can help you with strengthening your credibility in the market and attracting repeat customers since branding is all about how customers perceive you and PR can play a significant role in earning trust of your target audience. Here are five steps for new businesses to run a successful PR campaign!

1st Step: Identify Your Prior Goals to Select the Right PR Tool

The first step towards designing a PR campaign is to define your primary goal for launching the public relations plan, it will help you in choosing the most efficient and relevant tool. For instance, if your goal is image building for your new business, you need to identify how you want to create a positive and professional image of your company. You can do it by using social media platforms, forums, webinars and press releases. If your primary concern is to attract and develop lasting relationship with your customers, you can use enticing product reviews, magazine articles and engaging blog posts about your business to build trust with the customers.

2nd Step: Conduct Research on Your Potential Customers and Reach Out to Them

The second step involves knowing your potential customers and reaching out to them proactively. Understanding your target audience’s demographics and psychographics would help you in coming up with a more result oriented public relations campaign. One way of collecting your visitors’ data is through Live Chat service. Check out our Live chat Pricing. If you are a business that aims to sell gaming apps, your audience would be teenagers and millennials mostly. For such prospective customers using print media for public relations won’t help, instead use internet posts, youtube videos about your product, create a Facebook event and invite all your prospective customers to your launch event. The more you will understand your potential customers’ behavior and inclinations the more successful your PR campaign will become.

3rd Step: Ally with Other Companies for a More Worthwhile PR Campaign

Teaming up with other new businesses who have a similar service/product and share your vision will benefit you both. It will also help you build a strong relationship or partnership with other contemporary business. For example, if you are starting off a skincare products’ brand, allying with a new beauty salon would help you introduce your business in the market. Beauty experts at the salon can recommend your brand’s products and you can give coupons to your customers for visiting the salon. Your company and your ally’s salon can have a joint event where customers can come and discuss their skin issues, get free advice from experts, meet your brand ambassador, take selfies with her and get gift hampers of your products.

4th Step: Follow the Trends and Constantly Update Your Social Media Pages

Following social media trends would help you in sharing content that is likely to attract more customers for your business. If for instance, you see a trend of businesses engaging customers through contests or interactive discussions, update your pages with interesting contest and discussion questions and actively reply to the comments to make the visitors feel welcomed. You can also take advantage of surveys and statistics and use them for your PR Campaign.

5th Step: Combine Your PR Campaign with Marketing to make it a Huge Success

Combining your PR campaign with marketing ventures will help you in getting more customers and earning their loyalty. Another advantage of using PR materials for marketing your products/service is that you are likely to save money that is spent on doing research on potential customers and content marketing. You can also incorporate your webinars, press releases and other public relations material into e-mail marketing for showcasing your image as a competent, reliable and professional startup.

Evaluate the results of your PR Campaign on a regular basis to make the most out of it.

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