5 Tips for E-Businesses to Add More Convenience for Customers

5 Tips for E-Businesses to Add More Convenience for Customers

A study by Forrester shows that in the US, internet retail sales are likely to touch $334 billion in 2015. We have witnessed the emergence of several e-commerce websites which offer an array of products and services to customers. Amidst so many available options, customers would not only prefer to shop from a website which offers them quality products at a great price but which makes the entire shopping process convenient and easy for them. In order to retain customers and gain their loyalty, your business needs to create a seamless experience for them. Here are some tips which will help your business make shopping more convenient for customers.

Keep Information Updated and Available

The first and foremost step towards creating a better experience is to have a customer friendly website which can be accessed from any device they use. Design your website in a way that it displays your products which are on sale/have discounted rates, allowing your customers to differentiate them from the regular priced products. Similarly, a product may come in different colors and sizes. It is important to have all this information available for your customers. Regularly update your website with items that are new in stock and those which are out of stock must be clearly mentioned.

According to a survey of ConstantContact, at least 49% of small E-businesses do not update their entries and catalogues online and 50% of wrong information is never corrected in these entries. In this case, it will not take much time for your customers to visit another E-store.

Show Product Pricing in Different Currencies

For a global E-business, product prices should be shown in different currencies. The last thing you would want is customers to be confused about your prices as this can cause them to delete items from their shopping carts or cancel their orders. This will negatively impact your sales revenue. A study by Cleverbridge shows that most U.S consumers are unsure about spending money in other currencies because they are accustomed to using the U.S dollar. Many people find it difficult to determine prices of products which are displayed in other currencies and this makes them decide not to shop instead.

Offer Multiple Payment Options

Different customers are comfortable with different payment methods. Facilitate your customers by offering them more choice. If you limit the payment choices, customers are likely to switch to another business website which gives them more options.

Offer Reasonable Refund and Shipping Terms

Customers become annoyed by delayed shipping and complicated refund policies. Poor shipping terms can upset customers and there may be situations in which they no longer have any use of products which arrive late. Also introduce easy refund terms so that the orders they want to return can be done so without any trouble. Such flexible policies and processes add to customer convenience and more customers will opt to do business with you in the future.


Provide Customer Support via Live Chat

Live chat provides customers with instant convenience on your website. It is not only critical for answering customer concerns but also helps in providing suggestions to customers while they look around on your website. Live chat support service can be provided on the website round the clock to cater to the needs of customers globally. This adds convenience for customers as they can talk to a customer care representative on the website at any time of the day.

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