5 Tips for E-Retailers to Attract Customers this Halloween

5 Tips for E-Retailers to Attract Customers this Halloween

It is that time of the year again, Halloween is right around the corner. People are looking for costumes, makeup kits, pumpkins, candy boxes, gifts for children, food items and lanterns. For online retailers, just like any other important day of the year, this is an opportunity to increase sales; so buckle up to attract more customers to your website.

It is imperative for retailers to stock up, create and execute an online marketing strategy, and drive customers to their e-commerce websites. Here are some of the things that online retailers can do to make sure that they provide customers with all that they need including an exciting experience!

Give a Halloween Theme to Your Website

Like in any brick-and-mortar store, it is essential for online retailers to have their online presence in the current and trending theme. The advantage of having a Halloween theme on your website is that customers will immediately be attracted to products that are usually sold on Halloween. It will also help retailers design their special offerings around the theme with a chance to upsell with Halloween products.

Throw a Party or Hold a Contest

Nothing brings people together like having a party, or giving them a chance to get together with an offer to win exciting prizes. Established online retailers who already have a presence in the market have the best chance to solidify their relationship with current customers and win over many new ones. For retailers who are starting out or are not yet recognized as a brand, they can use this as an opportunity to create their base.

Use Around the Clock Customer Support

When things are busy and customers are hovering around online looking for the best prices and the best products, it is essential to give them a helping hand, a guide, who can ensure that they don’t have any problems looking for, selecting, and then purchasing their intended products. Research from Forrester suggests that around 80% of the visitors on a website, require some sort of help to guide them to the product or service they require. Offering around the clock customer support through live chat on your website would help you land more customers.

Bundle up Your Products with Exciting Gifts

Upsell. Upsell. Upsell. Holidays or events such as Halloween provide the best opportunity for retailers to bundle up their products with gifts and rewards. For example, at Halloween, retail giants such as Amazon bundle up different but complementary products such as a typical Halloween costume, along with different masks, and accessories such as makeup kits. This actually ensures that the retailer ends up selling more products on the whole, and enjoys a greater return on investment.

Engage Customers through Social Media

Do you know what makes a company, product, or brand stand out? Social Media. Yes, that’s right. Engaging customers through social media this Halloween would help you enhance your presence all over Facebook and Twitter. Marketing your products through social media posts like “Five must-have Lipstick shades for this Halloween” or “Creative Craft Ideas for Trick or Treat Baskets” would stir the interest of your potential customers.

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