5 Tips to Devise an Effective Online Customer Acquisition Strategy

5 Tips to Devise an Effective Online Customer Acquisition Strategy

Acquiring new customers requires a well-planned strategy in order to apply efforts in the right direction. Before designing your online customer acquisition strategy, ask yourself these questions: is your product/service ready to cater to needs of new customers?  Do you have a reliable online support system to facilitate new users? Will the experience be good enough to make them want to come back to you? Once you are prepared to take new clients on board, you can start working on your customer acquisition strategy. The first step is to define your target audience, you should be familiar with their buying habits before reaching out to them. Using the right channels to connect with them is also vital. Here are a few tips that are likely to help you acquire new customers online!

Define Your Target Audience and their Needs

You need to define who your customers are in order to better understand their needs and expectations. Your ideal target audience might be different from your current customer base, so use analytical tools and social media to know their demographics, trends and preferences. Once you know the age group, income level, location and inclination of your target audience, you will be able to connect and market to them in a more effective manner. Detailed insight into what your ideal customers search for, their interests and which social media channels they mostly use would help you design your marketing and social media campaigns efficiently.

Create a Compelling Landing Page and a Powerful Call to Action

A compelling landing page can play a significant role in increasing conversion rates so create a landing page that is distinctive and has visual appeal. You can use a video to make it more impactful. The design of your landing page should be unique, have a catchy tagline and use colors that define your brand and products. Grab the attention of your prospective customers with a powerful call to action. While designing your call to action make sure you keep it easy to comprehend, a little descriptive and convey a sense of urgency through it. Use the words “free trial”, “subscribe now” to create a sense of urgency.

Identify the Right Channels to Reach Out to Potential Customers

If you want to acquire more customers, you need to choose the right channels to connect with them. Research various communication channels and see which ones are being used more frequently by your target audience. You also need to determine the efficiency of every channel in order to see which channel can bring more traffic to your website.

For instance, Facebook and Twitter are most widely used social media channels to reach to general users. If you have a more specific target audience like women aged 19-30 you should identify which communication channel they prefer.

Use Content Marketing to Engage More Visitors

Content marketing is likely to get you more customers, however make sure you use original, appealing and high quality content. Have a team of professional writers, animators and editors on board to make your content marketing campaign a success. Blogs, e-books, white papers, and infographics are likely to help you engage more visitors. Make sure your blog posts are informative and interesting.

Make Use of Live Help and E-mail Marketing

A Live Help tool such as live chat solutions can help you acquire more customers. Visitors landing on your website can be instantly engaged with the help of live chat. They can get immediate answers to their questions which will help them in making a buying decision. This will enable your business to acquire more customers. E-mail marketing is yet another technique to bring more clients to your business. Stir the interest of prospects by sending them emails about your latest offers and discount deals. Choosing the right message and frequency for your e-mail marketing campaign is likely to help you with customer acquisition.

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