6 Useful Tips for Online Retailers to Increase Sales

6 Useful Tips for Online Retailers to Increase Sales

Online retail stores have made it quite convenient for customers to shop. However, these businesses have to strive hard to retain customers and enhance sales. If another store is offering more variety or a better price range, it is likely that customers will switch to it. Providing great customer service is one factor that can result in more sales. Another factor for driving sales can be communication, how well you interact with your customers from the moment they land on your website till they shop from you and receive their order, is also an important element which will impact your profits. Here are a few insightful tips for your business to boost sales!

Offer Your Customers Variety, Great Quality and Competitive Price

Every customer wants multiple product options to choose from, premium quality and true value for money. For example, parents shopping for their kids would want the best for them, so your product catalog should have all the renowned clothing and toy brands. Give your customers a variety of options to choose from. You are likely to acquire more customers and consequently make more sales if you update your product catalog frequently. Conduct research on your target market and price your products accordingly.

Give Away More than the Customers’ Expectations

If you want repeat customers and more sales, give away more than your customers’ expectations. A surprise gift would make your customer happy and he/she would not only buy from you again but will recommend your store to an acquaintance or a loved one as well. If there is a customer complaint, listen to the customer patiently and resolve the issue by offering more than he/she would expect. Provide your customers quick, proactive and exceptional customer service and see how you achieve more than your sales target.

Use Live Chat to Drive Sales

Incorporating Live Chat to your e-store is a great strategy that will help you improve your customer relationships and increase sales. A live chat operator can expedite the buying decision by offering suggestions to customers in real time. Having live chat on your retail website would save you the money that goes into following sales leads via phone calls and other channels. Your sales people can interact with customers via live chat software, instantly addressing product queries and recommending products according to the preferences and budget of a potential customer. Such an interaction would persuade online visitors to buy from you, thus giving a boost to your sales.

Frequent Sales and Discounts will Encourage Customers to Buy More

Although sales and discounts are a traditional way of selling products, it is still an effective strategy to entice customers into buying more. Apart from seasonal discounts, you can give your customers “Amazing Deal of the Day or Week.” Similarly offering repeat customers 20% off on their next purchase will encourage them to buy frequently from you. You can also have a monthly lucky draw and give away gift baskets to the winners. Make a list of your most sought after items and give customers special discounts on those products. Devising an attractive discount strategy is likely to play a significant role in increasing your sales.

Design an Interesting Advertising Campaign

If you want a drastic increase in your sales, use out of the box marketing and advertising ideas and see how they attract customers into shopping from you. Designing an interesting and worth remembering advertising campaign can go a long way in attracting customers to your online store and increasing your sales. Focus on some unique feature of your store; it can be a product that your competitors are not offering or simply showcase yourself in a way that potential buyers feel inclined to buy from you. Create a catchy tagline for your store and use exciting print and electronic ads to create a hype.

Making Every Customer Experience Memorable would get You Word of Mouth Referrals

A memorable customer experience can turn out to be a driving element for your sales and customer loyalty. So make every customer feel welcomed, answer all the queries and concerns of your customers instantly, offer easy and convenient payment methods, deliver every order on the promised date and send a thank you or gift card with every parcel as a token of gratitude. Custom design the package boxes, proactively contact your customers after the purchase and keep them posted about your upcoming products and offers. Give your customers a satisfying and worthwhile experience and they would get you word of mouth referrals, thus increasing your sales.

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