Here’s how ‘Involve’, an innovative Live Chat feature can benefit your business

Here’s how ‘Involve’, an innovative Live Chat feature can benefit your business

With the rapid increase in e-commerce websites and online retailers, having Live Chat Service on your website has become a prerequisite. Imagine thousands of visitors checking out products or services on your website on a daily basis, and being able to instantly talk to an online representative, getting answers to their questions right there and then.

Through live chat service, businesses have been able to significantly increase leads and retain more customers, while at the same time deliver better service experience to online visitors. Live Chat essentially performs the same service that a sales representative does in a typical brick-and-mortar store, by helping out customers in their purchasing decisions.

Take Control with Involve

‘Involve’, an innovative feature by LiveAdmins, lets website owners take control of their online chats by monitoring, advising, and participating in the conversations that happen in real time through the LiveAdmins software.

Professional chat operators work alongside the sales teams of businesses to ensure they get the maximum Marketing ROI by answering different questions, while offering advice and closing more deals.

Cross-Platform Support Enhances Usability

Involve’s state of the art monitoring panel is easily accessible on your laptop, tablet and smartphone. This also results in an unparalleled user experience for a customer on a website while increasing brand loyalty, awareness and satisfaction.

While talking to your online customers, imagine a situation which requires more expertise. With Involve, you can monitor all the chats taking place between our representatives and your customers, and take over the conversation whenever you want.

Handle Difficult Situations with Ease

Involve also lets you discreetly advise chat operators on how to handle difficult situations or unexpected questions. Chats can be transferred between different team members for a more enhanced customer experience and more sales. This transition is completely seamless without any delays, simply letting you take control whenever you want to. Hence, if a customer has a query which cannot be answered by the present live chat operator, the chat can easily be transferred to another operator or your company representative can takeover.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Live Chat service has one of the highest levels of satisfaction for any customer service channel. Recent surveys suggest that live chat increases sales for a company as 62% of the customers were more likely to purchase products online if live customer support was available.

As customers go digital, businesses need to adapt to this customer behavior and add value to their products and services by going the extra mile to help online customers.

Therefore, no matter what business you are in, get ‘Involve’ to sell more and deliver a better customer experience.

*In order to meet GDPR requirements, data subjects coming from European Union will not be able to enjoy services driven by LiveAdmins Visitor Behaviour Tracking and Business Intelligence.

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