How Airlines Can Improve Visitor Experience on their Websites

How Airlines Can Improve Visitor Experience on their Websites

Customers these days prefer booking flights online and browsing for information related to air travel. Hence, for airlines it has become all the way more important to have websites that offer users all the required details on flight schedules, booking processes and special deals. Many passengers want to check what kind of food they would be served during the flight, what an airline’s policy is for lost luggage and if there is any special offer for corporate travel. Providing visitors with Manage live chat has become essential since passengers want instant response to their queries or complaints. Having an engaging website for your airline is likely to enhance your sales as well. An interesting blog about famous destinations would help you land and engage more visitors. Here are a few tips for airline websites to boost customer experience!

Give Detailed Information about Flight Timings and Destinations

The first thing that customers will be looking for on your website is flight schedules along with destinations, so make sure that you list and update those details regularly. Mention fares for every destination clearly, ensure that if you are revising the fares or flight schedules it is updated on your webpage without any delay. Have a multilingual website and offer your visitors the option to choose their preferred language, this way international users can easily navigate your website and see their required information. To improve user experience and drive more traffic to your website, make it mobile friendly.

Make it Convenient for Your Customers to Book Flights and Avail Deals

Give your customers the convenience to book flights online and avail deals. If you have loyalty travel cards for your regular travelers, give them the option to avail their points online through your website. Booking flights often turns out to be a hassle for passengers, so offer an app on your webpage that allows customers to instantly book flights and cancel them without any time taking procedures. Providing booking service on your webpage is likely to systematize and improve the process both for your airline and the customers, in case of flight delay or cancellation, customers can be notified instantly.

Address Queries and Complaints through Interactive Customer Support

Around the clock customer support is vital for providing your website visitors a satisfactory and better experience. Having live chat support on your airline website will give you the edge to address visitor queries and complaints quickly. Make sure that you offer multilingual chat service to help visitors from around the world. Moreover, you can develop strong and lasting customer relationships through live chat. It can also be used to gather feedback about your service and hence you can modify it according to customers’ suggestions.

List FAQs Related to Baggage, Corporate Customers and Amenities

To make your user experience gratifying, list elaborate answers to the FAQs related to baggage, corporate trips and amenities offered during a flight. Make sure you don’t miss out on any important questions that your visitors might have. For corporate customers you can list down your special deals and the privileges offered to passengers traveling in business class.

Let Your Visitors Explore Famous Cities through Your Blog

In order to make your airline website attention grabbing for visitors, have a blog and newsletter where you can feature famous destinations. You can feature interesting information about the history, architecture, culture, hotels, street food, shopping areas and must visit sights in the cities you offer flights to. You can give visitors the option to sign up for your monthly newsletter through your website. You can also ask your customers to share their travel stories and post them on your blog. This is likely to enhance visitor engagement on your webpage.

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