How Businesses Can Sell More this 4th of July

How Businesses Can Sell More this 4th of July

For many customers, 4th of July holiday is a great time to shop as several stores offer sales. While giving discounts and deals is one of the best ways for a business to attract more customers this independence day, focus on developing a comprehensive strategy to reach out to potential shoppers in unconventional ways. Step out of the stereotypical confines of marketing and give your customers something to remember. Take this holiday weekend as an opportunity to build rapport with your customers. Sending them cards and adding thoughtful gifts with every purchase would get you repeat customers. Here are some tips that will help you increase sales on Independence Day.

Celebrate the Essence of Independence with Themed Products

The best way to sell on 4th of July is to incorporate the theme in your store and the products you sell. Design a campaign that highlights the significance of the day, be part of a parade and hand out free samples that follow the theme. You can also give a free T-shirt with your logo, or a small flag with every purchase to customers.

You can set up an outdoor booth and advertise your 4th of July themed products there. This will improve interaction with customers as you talk to them about your products thus enabling you to sell more.

Send out Greeting Cards to Customers

Use this occasion as a chance to get to know your customers, connect with them, and strengthen your relationship.  Small gestures that need minimal time and investment can make a big difference. Send out personalized greeting cards to your customers to mark the occasion. Let them know about all the promotional offers for the day. Send them discount coupons to purchase from your store along with the greeting cards. This will serve as a reminder to your customers to visit your store.

Give “Not to Miss” Deals and Offers to Engage Customers

Promote exclusive 4th of July package deals and advertise them live, on social media, and through your email marketing campaign. Think out of the box and come up with a list of products that you can offer your customers that will appeal to them on this particular day. For instance, offer a small picnic cooler with every purchase over a specific amount. Give them free flags on every purchase, flag pins, T-shirts, scarves, hats etc.

Hold Contests to Attract Attention

Hold exciting online contests for customers and give prizes and gift vouchers to increase your customer base. For example, run a photo contest on your social media page; ask your audience to share their memories from 4th of July, and give prizes to participants who receive the most number of likes or shares. Set up your booth outdoors and arrange fun contests. For example, have races and outdoor games as contests, offer promotional items along with coupons to those who win. This way you will get a better chance to connect with your customers, make them remember you and give a boost to your sales.

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