How Can Companies Use Mobile Apps to Improve Customer Experience?

How Can Companies Use Mobile Apps to Improve Customer Experience?

Businesses today are turning towards innovative ways to improve customer experience. Companies are increasingly utilizing multiple channels to interact and communicate with customers. Being easily accessible via smartphones has become a priority for businesses. According to a research by GlobalWebIndex across 32 countries, it was revealed that 80% of all online adults now have a smartphone. Mobile apps have become a popular tool for business marketing and consumer engagement. More and more businesses are introducing apps for their customers. Providing customers with tech-savvy options increases the popularity of a company. Here are some ideas on how mobile apps can effectively be used by businesses.

Create Convenience through the App

Customers want to be able to access more information through their phones and with mobile apps businesses have a perfect way to make this happen. Convenience is a fundamental factor when it comes to customer experience. Apps can be used to facilitate, provide information and solutions to customers.

To make certain that a mobile app is fully enabling the customer to do what he/she wants, businesses need to ensure the compatibility of their app and its features with different devices. Through mobile apps businesses can provide customers an easy access to ‘how-to’ articles and they can even start a forum where customers connect with each other and hold discussions related to products or services.

Mobile apps can also provide customers with instant access to company information like contact numbers or location. It can also assist them in finding out where the nearest store is in order to purchase the products of the company. A navigation system would be quite helpful in this regard, the customers would just have to put in their location and a map of the store would appear to guide them.

Give Rewards to Customers to Ensure Loyalty

Customers love discounts and mobile apps can be used in this regard. Design your app in a way that allows your customers to make purchases through it and provide them with discounts on these purchases to ensure customer loyalty.

Often customers miss out on sales because the news reaches them too late. To avoid such an experience, businesses can make sure that the app notifies the customers as soon as any special sale or offer is available.

Add Live Chat to Improve Customer Engagement

Mobile apps are not meant to just remind customers of your company’s existence, they can be used for multiple purposes which includes customer engagement. Adding live chat support to your app improves the level of engagement with customers as it can be used to proactively communicate with the customers in real time.

Live chat solution is not only a convenient way for the customer to get in touch with a representative, it also ensures that the customer is not put on hold for getting assistance. Customers can get instant answers to their queries and live chat operators can help them with any concerns they might have. The level of engagement also increases with the availability of round the clock chat feature.

Get Feedback through Surveys

Customer feedback helps a company measure and improve customer satisfaction. While there are many conventional mediums to conduct surveys, businesses can also ask customers to respond to a survey via mobile app. This increases the likelihood of customers taking the survey since it is convenient for them because it is a matter of a few clicks on their phone.

Customers can also be asked to rate the products and services of your business through the app. Businesses can also get suggestions from customers on how to improve service experience or create polls to understand what their customers would want in the future and then work accordingly to provide products/services/improvements which are more suitable to the needs of their customers.

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