How Courier Companies Can Provide Effective Online Customer Support

How Courier Companies Can Provide Effective Online Customer Support

For courier companies, customer service is an important aspect. Besides keeping a focus on offering speed, security and personalized express services, courier companies need to have a strong online presence to cater to customers and should provide them with online customer support.

If you are in the courier business, you need to ask yourself the following questions which will help you determine if your company is providing effective online customer support.

Does Your Website Have a Friendly User Interface?

A good user interface enhances customer navigation around your website, making it simpler for them to find their way around. Make your website’s user interface friendly so that the customers’ browsing experience is quick and efficient. Refine your clients’ search process especially if they are looking for answers to their queries on your website. Having a search bar on your site enables customers to type in required questions which will direct them to the information they need, thus giving non-tech savvy clients the ability to easily navigate your website.

Also add a FAQ page on your website to answer common/repetitive customer questions about your business so that your website visitors will instantly know where to look if they have such queries.

Have You Incorporated a Tracking Facility?

Do you have customers who constantly call you to check up on the status of their items? A convenient and time-saving step is to install a track and trace software enabling clients to monitor their delivery status with tracking IDs. It would allow them to review the delivery progress of their items. You can also include a step-by-step diagram showing how your delivery system works. For example, the first step can show a picture of a parcel marked with a check symbol, meaning that an order has been placed successfully. Display an image of a delivery van in the second stage, showing that delivery is in progress. Add an icon of a customer receiving the package from your delivery person to mark the final and successful stage of the delivery process.

Have You Developed Smartphone Applications for Greater Accessibility?

Clients should be able to contact you for online support through every possible medium they come across. According to Statista, the number of app downloads increased from 57.3 Billion in 2012 to 127 billion in 2014. This indicates growing popularity and dependence on smartphone apps.

With majority of people who are online through smartphone devices, having a smartphone application of your courier business will enable you to reach out to more customers effectively and efficiently.

Have you added a proactive Live Chat System?

Integrating a live chat system in your business website is important to answer customer queries especially those concerning delivery. Often there can be delays and customers will be coming on the website to get in touch with you. Hence, it is crucial for customers to be able to reach you easily and meeting their needs reflects customer-centricity of your organization. Provide clients with the option of live chat for website service so that they can get immediate attention from your online customer care team. For example, a customer who receives an incorrect order will want you to respond immediately when he/she contacts you online. The customer’s concerns can be addressed immediately by an online chat representative.

Your live chat support should also be multilingual because your courier business will have clients from around the world who expect your online team to engage with them in their preferred languages. By offering multilingual service, your online chat sessions will become more interactive and enriching.

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