How Live Chat can be Useful for the Fitness Industry?

How Live Chat can be Useful for the Fitness Industry?

Health and fitness are a major concern as more and more people are seeking professional help to adopt a healthy lifestyle. IHRSA published a Global Report which revealed that the health club industry in 2014 generated $84 billion in revenue worldwide as more than 180,000 clubs attracted 144.7 million members. This clearly indicates the growth in the industry as people begin to adapt a healthy lifestyle.

Customers today prefer to conduct research on all their options before they make a choice of joining a particular health club. For customers the best place to look for health clubs, personal trainers and nutritionists is online. Not only will a person find all the required information they are looking for but will also be able to read the reviews left by other customers. All this would allow them to make a more informed decision.

General Assistance with Live Chat

While a health club website makes the business easily accessible, the addition of live chat support can make things increasingly simple for a person seeking guidance online. The Live chat operators can tell potential customers about all the facilities and any discounts or loyalty programs being offered.

Through live chat, customers can be provided with information about schedules of different trainers and gym timings. The chat representative can also guide members on how to update their personal details or account details which will help them keep track of their health and payment schedules. If a gym has local or foreign affiliations the customer can be instructed on how to avail the services while traveling. A complaint system can also be started to help customers register complaints online and a representative can immediately assist them.

Help Customers Appoint a Personal Trainer

Searching for the ideal trainer can be time consuming but a live chat representative can assist customers in this regard. Particulars of a customer can be collected through live chat such as, their weight, age, what goal they want to achieve and how soon they can start. This information can then be passed on to the fitness centre which can devise a list of trainers who can best help the client with his/her goals. This list can then be sent to the client along with the particulars of the trainers.

Setting an appointment with a trainer can also be done through live chat, this way the client would not have to wait around the gym if the trainer is unavailable or busy taking a class.

Experts Can Help People Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

As more and more people become health conscious, the need for good nutritionists is increasing. People want to work on their diets to enjoy a healthier lifestyle and as with other things, people tend to seek help online. Several health facilities have setup chat options as well which enables people to get in touch with a specialist immediately.

A nutritionist can help with both gaining and losing weight by regulating meals, this is ideal for people who do not have time to go to the gym regularly or cannot workout physically. A client’s medical history would be required for the nutritionist to chalk out a meal plan which will fulfill all his/her needs and also assist in achieving the main goal of the client.

If a person is unable to visit the nutritionist in person he/she can avail the services online. Nutritionists can use live chat software to assist their clients and these include fortnightly weight checks, changes in diet plans and discussions on what is beneficial for the client.

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