How the Design and Usability of your Website can attract the Right Customers

How the Design and Usability of your Website can attract the Right Customers

Creating a website for your business is just the first step in trying to catch the attention of your customers. The importance of design and usability is unparalleled when it comes to attracting the right customers to your website.

The design of your website includes the colors, layout, style of text, images, graphics, overall structure, and the usage of interactive features which lets web visitors navigate on your pages. Great web design acts as marketing for your business, brand name, product, and services.

The usability of your website, is simply the ease of use with which web visitors can navigate on your website. Usability includes the presentation of information, and where call-to-actions, buttons, and important text are placed. The higher the usability, the higher the comfort and ease with which visitors can navigate through the pages.

The following factors allow for design and usability while creating a website, and hence, should be seriously considered by businesses trying to attract the right customers.

Brand Synchronization

Attracting customers is all about creating a strategy that speaks to the customers on multiple fronts. Like any great marketing campaign, your strategy should be to keep your brand relevant through creative advertisement on different forms of media, which includes your website. Hence, it is essential for your campaign to be completely synchronized and show on your main website. When the website is based on a stellar design, and is highly usable, it will add more points to your overall campaign.

Quality of Content

The quality of content is of utmost importance as it shows how your business presents itself to customers and clients. Sometimes even the most complex statements can be broken down into the simplest of words which can be easily understood by everyone. Great copywriting is not just about writing stellar blog posts or developing memorable ad campaigns, it is also about creating simple and sellable stories for your website, including content which can be the main attraction on your website.

Easy Navigation

When someone browses through your website, you will not want that person to experience a buggy website, where a button does not work, or where a page does not load properly. The design of a great website is such that it allows the users to easily see things which the business wants them to see and click on. For example, the main page should have a main header, which should show the main product/service, or the main campaign that is being rolled out by the business. Scrolling down the main page, the visitor should easily be able to navigate to other parts of the website to find out more about the business and how to contact them.

Simplified Customer Experience

Among the fundamental concepts of a completely stellar website design is the simplicity and clarity with which it is made. If a website is simple, with lesser white space, clutter, and irrelevant graphics distorting the viewer’s ability to see the main pages and read important content, then that website automatically enhances customer experience. Usability, is hence directly proportional to greater customer experience. Businesses can also add other features such as Live Chat service to make their website more interactive and friendly. When a live chat Solution is there to help online visitors in real-time, it adds value to your business and enriches customer experience to a great extent.

Prioritized Call to Actions

Call to Action are cues that allow viewers to click on links that lead them to provide their contact information, and then download important material such as White Papers, eBooks, or product or service information. It is essential for businesses to prioritize call-to-actions so that visitors can easily see them, and be attracted by their content in order to be able to click on them and give their contact information.

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