How to Create a Memorable Live Chat Experience

How to Create a Memorable Live Chat Experience

Offering quality customer service is crucial to the long term success of a business. Providing customers with a memorable experience will help improve brand loyalty and create positive word of mouth. Great customer experience revolves around reducing the effort a customer has to put in by giving instant answers to their questions and offering solutions to their problems.  When shopping online, customers want convenience and adding live chat service to your business website will lead to the necessary customer support they are looking for. Here are some ideas for businesses to create a memorable customer experience via live chat.

Proactively Reach Out to Online Customers

Whenever a customer lands on your business website, make sure a chat agent proactively reaches out and greets the customer with a ‘hello’ and lets him/her know that help is always available if there are any questions. This immediately indicates to the customer that your business cares and is there to assist. Greetings and responses can be customized based on visitor behavior which leads to a more tailored online experience. Throughout the conversation, give customers the feeling that you are always there to help them out.

Communicate with Customers in the Language they Prefer

Offering multilingual live chat has become a prerequisite for businesses to generate more leads and offer a more satisfying customer experience. Communicating with customers in their native language makes it easier for them to understand the information being given to them and they feel more comfortable asking questions. This also helps create a stronger customer-business relationship.

Pay Attention and Respond Quickly

Nobody likes the feeling of being ignored. During the conversation, a customer must feel that the chat agent is giving him/her undivided attention and offering tailored responses. Carefully read what the customer is saying and ask questions to get more details on what they want. Work on response time by ensuring you’re not taking too long to answer their queries. Staff should be trained with the latest product knowledge to minimize response time.

Empathize with Online Customers

Empathy is a must-have skill for all customer service representatives. Creating an exceptional customer experience does not just require solving problems but also truly understanding customer needs and responding accordingly. How you treat your customers will impact their experience and the brand perception that is being created.

Strike a Balance

During chat, using the right words is important. When talking to online customers via live chat, maintain a polite, friendly and conversational tone. It is important to create the perfect balance in the conversation by being friendly yet professional. The conversation should not seem mechanical or robotic in anyway. The human touch is important to make it more personalized and memorable. It isn’t really a good idea to use long scripted messages during a conversation. When talking to customers online, avoid using technical jargon. The language used during conversation should be simple and easy to understand.

End Chat in a Positive Way

Just like the first impression matters, similarly when ending a conversation, it is important to communicate in a manner that the customer leaves happy and satisfied. Remember to thank them for their time and let them know that you are always there to help if they have any other questions or concerns in the future.

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