How to Create Compelling Marketing Taglines

How to Create Compelling Marketing Taglines

Customers come across hundreds of marketing messages every day, they pay attention only to those that grab their attention instantly. Brands with interesting taglines immediately attract the audience and hence it is important to create the right and impactful marketing slogans. So what separates a compelling tagline from an average one? An engaging tagline is always short and memorable, it leaves a lasting impression on the audience and it helps you with successful branding and marketing. The first factor that you need to consider while developing a marketing tagline is to come up with something that defines your brand identity, is original and makes your business/product stand out. A powerful tagline would help your customers connect with your brand so make sure it is unique. It should also be functional, so make sure that you convey the benefits of your products/service through it, how your product can solve a problem or make the life of your customers better. Here are a few useful tips on creating captivating taglines for your target audience!

Add Elements of “Surprise” and “Curiosity”

People always like something unexpected, so adding the element of surprise to your tagline is likely to make it appealing for your target audience. Another element that you can use to make your marketing taglines catchy is curiosity. The human mind is inquisitive and wants to know more, therefore, using both these components in developing your taglines is likely to stir the interest of your prospective customers. For instance, you can use words like “Brace yourselves”, “wait for more” to make your audience expect something new, asking questions in a tagline would make them curious and want to explore more.

List Product Benefits Smartly within the Tagline

A marketing tagline should not be vague. It should speak about the vision of your brand and benefits of your product. A tagline that speaks about potential benefits of your product/service is likely to capture the attention of your prospective customers and would differentiate you from your competitors. For instance, taglines like “the most nutritious and healthy breakfast cereal for every morning” and “The mattress that will bring you lasting comfort” talk about the features of the products and what they can do for your customers.

Explain Yourself in Simple Words

Use simple and less number of words to explain your idea. It often gets challenging to explain your brand and product message in minimal words but you need to keep it simple and short. Avoid using jargon that is difficult to comprehend and choose your words carefully. Phrases that have multiple meanings should be avoided as they are likely to confuse your audience. Businesses can also train their sales and Live chat service support teams to use these taglines in conversations with customers to reinforce the marketing message.

Use a Conversational Tone

Marketing messages that have a conversational tone always make the target audience relate to them. So while developing a tagline, you should use a conversational tone, it would stir the emotions of your audience and make them accept the message more easily since they would feel that you are addressing their needs by offering a product/service to them. Taglines such as “We have the right paint for your walls” or “This shampoo will help you get shinier hair” would make prospective customers relate to the brand and products and they are likely to take action.

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