How to Efficiently Handle Different Service Situations over Live Chat

How to Efficiently Handle Different Service Situations over Live Chat

Live Chat agents have to deal with different kinds of visitors and often come across challenging situations. In order to facilitate every visitor in the best possible way, your agents need to understand their individual needs. Enhancing real time chat support and offering instant solutions to visitors can help create a satisfactory experience for them. While comprehending customer psychology may be a tricky task for chat agents, profiling your visitors and providing agents some essential details about various kinds of clients would help them in knowing their expectations. Pre-chat surveys can be utilized to understand visitors’ needs. Have a look at some useful tips for live chat agents on dealing with different customers and service situations!

Be Attentive, Empathize and Understand What a Visitor Wants

Being patient and attentive is essential for understanding what a customer wants. Some customers might just share a fragment of information and demand a solution, while there are others who would share details and want the support agent to be fully involved during the conversation. So in any case, agents have to pay attention to every detail the visitors are sharing and ask questions to have more insight into the issue. Empathy is yet another skill that will help chat agents deal with different kinds of customers and understand what they are feeling and expecting.

Use the Right Words According to a Situation

Using the right words is vital for client communication. If a customer is really angry due to late order delivery, a live chat agent should use words that indicate to the customer that he/she is sorry about the issue, can understand the frustration and would do everything to fix the situation. Words and phrases that imply negative connotation should be avoided. Show customers that you care about their needs.

Prove Yourself Helpful, Own the Conversation

While dealing with different customers, chat agents need to prove themselves helpful and own the conversation right from the start till the end. A frustrated customer might be of the view that you are wasting his/her time by asking for contact information. So instead of forcing visitors for personal details, focus more on resolving the issue or answering the query in detail. You should understand his/her frustration and try your best to find an agreeable solution in minimal time.

Stay Calm and Critically Think About Possible Solutions to an Issue

Handling demanding, unhappy and confused customers often gets stressful for live chat agents.  For instance, there is a visitor demanding a product that is not listed on the website or is out of stock for an unknown period of time; you need to relax and think about possible solutions to the issue before proposing the best one. You should know how to address the questions and concerns of visitors without saying “no” to them. Analyze a situation and critically think about ways to solve a problem. Make sure every visitor feels welcomed and is facilitated in the best possible way.

Follow Up and Ask for Feedback

Efficient customer support goes beyond offering solutions to an issue, it involves building rapport with customers. Therefore, after you have resolved a customer complaint or addressed a query, follow up with clients to see if they are happy with the offered solutions. You can ask the customers to rate your live chat service and see how many of them are content with the response and resolution time. This way you can gauge the efficiency of your service, devise a better strategy, and see if more training is required.

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