How to Make Your New Product Launch A Success

How to Make Your New Product Launch A Success

While you have put in a lot of money, energy and resources designing your product, how can it grab the attention of your potential customers who have a number of options? Developing a unique selling proposition for your product would give you an edge over your competitors; it would compel your prospective customers to buy your product. However, in order to make your product a success, you need to make your USP striking and impactful, so that the customers know that you are offering something different as compared to other businesses. Differentiation would make you stand out in the market as a brand that customers prefer. Here are a few tips to make your upcoming product distinctive enough to stir interest of customers!

Focus on Novelty

Customers love a brand that is innovative and original. Give your product an interesting and easy to remember name. Highlight the unique features of your product; you can use smart business copywriting to your advantage. For instance, if you are launching a hair serum, you can highlight features such as “It is so easy to use, just two drops and it works”, “It is quite affordable and has essential nutrients that make the hair healthy and strong”. Design catchy streamers for your product and create a unique print ad that makes your product enticing enough for the customers.

Create Emotional Value for your Product

You need to take into account your target audience before defining value of a product. For some it is just the quality/features of a product, while there are others who buy a product that emotionally appeals to them. Based on the product you can create emotional value for it. Family, beauty, popularity and success are some of the widely used emotional values.

Bring it to Limelight through Unconventional Media

While your competitors are busy marketing and advertising on various channels, you can make the difference by making use of unconventional marketing channels. Having a live chat support service on your website will help you develop a unique selling proposition for your product. You can interact with your potential customers through live chat and enlighten them about the exciting features of your upcoming product. Social media can also be used to bring your product to limelight; these channels are cost efficient and another advantage of using them is that you get free word of mouth advertising. The tip is to engage your users, you can do that by posting blogs about your new product. Holding quizzes and contests is yet another way to seek attention of social media traffic.

Bundle it up with Customized and Thoughtful Gifts

One of the best ways to grab your potential buyers’ attention is to offer them an incentive to buy from you. While many businesses follow the same practice, you can make it different by offering customized and thoughtful gifts to customers. For instance, if you are an online clothing and accessories store launching party wear, you can bundle up your product with your signature clutches; every customer should get a matching clutch free with the outfit. Think out of the box to delight and surprise your customers and it will work as an advantage for your new product. Products launched on special days and festivals can be bundled with traditional gifts for the customers, however, do not forget to add a personal touch to your giveaways.

Make Smart use of Branding and Brand Ambassadors

Have you ever wondered what branding can do for you? If done smartly, you can make your own community of customers who would only buy from you. Similarly, every brand uses celebrities for endorsing their products but you can think of unique brand evangelists for your product to make it a success. For example, while branding for your new iced latte you can use the tagline, “Our latte is for those who know how to make dreams come true.” And you can use young successful entrepreneurs as your brand ambassadors, their stories can be published along with their testimonials in your print ads and on your website.

Developing a unique selling proposition does not necessarily require expert research and an array of resources; it requires an intelligent approach to make your prospective customers choose you over your competitors.

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