How to Use Social Media to Promote your New Product

How to Use Social Media to Promote your New Product

In the last few years, having a strong social media presence has become fundamental for promoting your business. When launching a new product, how do you make sure that customers choose you over competing businesses? In order to be successful, you need to come up with a social media strategy that promotes your product in not only a better way, but also in a different manner from others. First of all you need to identify the right social media network for promoting your product. You can then engage your customers by highlighting interesting facts about the product, post videos and pictures, run polls, and create anticipation and watch your customers become active brand advocates! Here are a few tips that will help you promote your product to develop a strong customer base.

Create Anticipation among Customers

It is important to create anticipation in order to capture the interest of your target audience. If done right, it can turn out to be a great marketing technique. Keep your customers on the edge and interested by creating a buzz about upcoming products. When launching a new product, you can run an exciting teaser campaign on the relevant social media pages to stir the interest of your customers. Different elements can be incorporated in your campaign depending on your target audience and the social media channel you have chosen. For instance, you can use catchy taglines and images to create a hype. Keeping your customers engaged in this manner will make them curious to find out more.

List Interesting Facts about the New Product

Educate customers about your upcoming products, and convince them to repeat-purchase by highlighting the unique and interesting facts. You can use Live Chat for business on your social media pages to educate your customers about the new product. Posting some fun facts will also help create buzz as your customers will look forward to new products. You can also ask customers if they have used the new product launched by your company and ask them to share their thoughts and what they liked best about the product. This will help generate more interest among potential customers.

Create Contests and Offer Prizes

Indulge your audience in exciting contests which highlight new product features. This will not only help create more awareness about the new product you have launched, but will also engage them in an active and fun exercise at the end of which, small gifts can be given to the winners. Nothing helps branding more than giveaways. A comprehensive quiz competition on different social media websites along with reward descriptions is one of the best marketing techniques for your business and is bound to reach a larger number of people.

Post Exciting Videos and Pictures

Your social media pages have to be eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing in order to be able to generate more interest. It is common knowledge that posts with captivating pictures get more engagement. Visitors should not only want to return to your page, but be intrigued by your product images and make purchases. Incorporating elaborate, HD videos and pictures on your social media pages will make it more attractive and informative for customers. It will also act as a brilliant promotion technique for your products and services.

Tell a Story

Your customers should be able to relate to your brand and the new product you are launching. This is a great way to retain existing customers, and will also incline them towards promoting your brand. Share stories with your customers about the idea behind your new product, the journey from planning till launch and how it can help them. Sharing stories will help customers relate to your business and see the product you are launching in a different light. This is a great way to convince your customers about choosing you over the rest.

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