How Travel Companies Can Improve Online Customer Experience

How Travel Companies Can Improve Online Customer Experience

Travel websites provide convenience and offer a number of deals and packages which customers can choose from. According to a survey by Ipsos MediaCT 65% of leisure travelers begin researching online before they decide where or how to travel. This increases the competition between different companies as customers have so many options and packages to choose from.

Here are a few tips that will help you improve your travel website and ensure better customer satisfaction!

Enhance User Experience

Customers are usually prepared to go through different websites in order to land on the best one when it comes to travel websites. Make sure your website is captivating enough so that the customer stops looking further. Provide all the relevant information about your packages and the processes involved. The pricing and terms and conditions should all be clearly listed with no ambiguity.

Make sure the layout of your website is simple and clear, since customers tend to move from complex websites to the ones that are user friendly and easy to browse. Have high resolution pictures and ensure that the website is mobile friendly.

Allow a page for online reviews on your website. Imagine a website with a collection of good reviews; customers who land on your website are bound to be less skeptical about your deals once they are exposed to positive feedback.


Focus on the Customer Journey

Customer journey begins when customers land on your website. Focusing on making the customer journey pleasant means focusing on every little aspect and detail. Help the customers with any queries that they might have, be available to them and be ready to solve any issues they might have.

Always keep your customers in the loop and send them regular updates if there are any changes to their bookings. Don’t forget to send them confirmation emails once they book a deal with you and send them reminders and tips before their journey. Make sure that they have all the relevant information that they need.

Offer Live Chat for Customer Support

In order to attain customer satisfaction, travel websites should introduce Live Chat which enables real-time customer communication. The availability of round the clock, multilingual live chat service enhances the experience of online customers on a website. Customers can receive immediate help and get their issues resolved with the help of an online representative. Suggestions can also be offered to customers who are confused or want to know what is the best holiday package or deal available for a particular destination. Similarly, the availability of multilingual live chat 24/7 ensures that customers who are in different time zones and speak different languages are catered to.

Live Chat Support helps strengthen the customer-business relationship and goes a long way to ensure customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers are also more likely to recommend your website to family and friends. Elevate your customer support strategy as we walk you through the capabilities and advantages of our live chat system during an insightful Live chat demo.

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