Tips for Online Jewelry Stores to Improve Customer Satisfaction Levels

Tips for Online Jewelry Stores to Improve Customer Satisfaction Levels

Online jewelry stores offer customers an array of enticing designs, customization options, try at home appointments and secure shipping. A major benefit of shopping from online jewelry stores is that you can find gold and diamond jewelry according to your budget in just a few clicks. While these stores have a large number of customers, making every individual customer experience delightful may turn out to be a challenging endeavor. Issues such as delayed shipping or a communication barrier can annoy a customer and tarnish the image of your brand, especially if the number of dissatisfied customers keep on increasing. So even if you have the most striking and unique jewelry collection online, if your customer service is not satisfactory, you are likely to fail as a business. Here are some tips that can help online jewelry stores to enhance customer satisfaction levels and get repeat customers!

Keep the Categorization, Payment and Shipping Procedures Simple

The first thing that your prospective customers would notice is how well you have categorized the products to make the search of items easy and convenient for them. So while designing your website make sure that you categorize the products properly; solitaires, rings, bracelets, earrings etc. should have proper sub categories to choose from. Another concern for jewelry shoppers is the availability of secure payment methods. Make sure you offer your customers simple, easy and safe payment options. Shipping processes also have to be stated clearly on your website, all orders should be shipped before the expected delivery deadlines. Package every jewelry item properly and check with every customer whether they received the order right and on time.

Offer Your Customers Variety and Value for Money

If you want repeat and happy customers, offer them variety, unique products and true value for money. In order to keep customers coming back to you, regularly upgrade your product catalog, add attractive designs and keep your prices reasonable to make customers feel you value their money. Make a list of the most sought after jewelry items. If for instance most of the customers look for drops and dangler earrings, keep on updating your earrings’ section with dazzling drops and dangler earrings. Follow the trends and bring in the products that are latest, in fashion and in demand. Moreover, make sure that all your jewelry has resale value, it would make the customers feel that they are making a good investment.

Provide Around the Clock Customer Support through Live Chat

Lack of communication and delayed responses can drive customers away. Having live chat on your website would enable around the clock prompt customer support which can turn out to be a competitive advantage for you. Visitors coming to your website and looking for wedding jewelry might have questions that are not listed on the website, a live chat operator can guide the customers well and offer them relevant information instantly. Similarly, if there is a complaining customer who got the wrong ring delivered to him/her, interactive communication via live chat is likely to help in offering a quick solution and make customers feel your business cares about them. Live chat support would not only help you enhance customer satisfaction levels but also turn prospects into customers.

Have a Gemologist Online to Give Expert Advice

Customers prefer brands that go out of the way to facilitate them and put in an extra effort to serve them. So another tip that can make your customers contented is having a gemologist on board to give advice on gemstones. This can be done through the live chat software on your website. Some customers are particular about the stones in the jewelry, a gemologist can guide them if they should have rubies, amethysts, sapphires, diamonds or zircons. What kind of stone looks best in a casual ring, or what stone a bride should have in her bridal necklace. Offering advice, suggestions and guidance to your customers can go a long way in developing strong customer relationships.

Frequent Discounts, Sales and Gifts would Keep Customers Happy

Nothing can make customers happier than frequent discounts, sales and gifts. In order to create the wow effect for your customers, give them surprise discounts. If for instance you have a repeat customer buying four jewelry items from you, giving 20% off on the total bill would really delight him/her. In addition to the annual and anniversary sales, offer sales on special occasions like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Entitle your regular customers to loyalty cards and give discounts to them every time they shop from you. Add small gifts like New Year calendars, mugs, gift cards and jewelry boxes to the delivery packages to make your customers feel special and valued.

Hold Exciting Contests for Customers to Stir their Interest

For keeping the customers engaged and to stir their interest, hold exciting contests on your social media pages. For instance, you can ask customers to post the most memorable photo of their favorite jewelry item from your collection. The winner can be awarded a diamond ring or earrings and you can post all the happy customers snapshots on your Facebook page. This is like free marketing for your products and is likely to win you satisfied customers. Apart from contests you should actively interact with your customers on various social media portals to build stronger relationships. On your anniversary celebrations, post simple questions about jewelry and give winners amazing prizes like a diamond pendant or a dream vacation package through lucky draw.

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