Tips on Reinventing Your Online Customer Experience

Tips on Reinventing Your Online Customer Experience

One of the biggest challenges that online retailers face these days is a low customer retention rate. Many customers leave a business because of inconsistent service, poor support; lack of information available on a shopping website or not finding personalized offers suiting their needs. Reinventing customer experience is essential for keeping your clients engaged and keep them coming back to you. Digital customers of today prefer businesses that offer them cross-channel experiences, are quick with support, and provide personalized products and services. To build a strong customer base, online businesses need to revamp their customer experience strategy at regular intervals. They need to keep track of latest trends and innovate the experience according to the expectations of their clients. Have a look at some useful tips that can help you reinvent your online customer experience!

Improve your Service Time and Standard

The most common reason businesses fail to retain customers is poor quality of service; making them wait for too long can lead to loss of customers. The first step towards revamping your online customer experience is maintaining a certain standard of service. Make sure every order placed on your website is confirmed within minimal time and all products are delivered on time. Any delay or issue with the service should be communicated to customers and they should be updated proactively. Timely and efficient service is one of the reasons your customers will always choose your brand.

Offer Personalized Interactions

Personalized experiences are likely to make your customers feel special and they would trust your brand. Instead of using generic messages, personalize the communication with every visitor who comes to your website. Use live chat support service to address customer concerns and send customized post-sale emails to every customer who places an order on your website. Personalize your product offers to improve the experience for your customers, based on their browsing history and other analytics create buyer personas and pitch products that match their needs to save them time.

Create Consistency in Cross-Channel Experiences

In order to reinvent the user experience, a business needs to understand the importance of seamless cross-channel experience. Customers these days switch platforms whether they are placing an order, registering a complaint or seeking information. In order to make sure that every customer is served in the most efficient manner, devise a cross-channel customer experience strategy. You need to give them a seamless and consistent cross-channel experience, if they move from email to chat, the live chat agent should have all the essential information available to assist customers.

Inculcate Brand Loyalty into Customer Experience

A loyalty program can be used to innovate and improve customer experience. Instead of just offering your customers, discounts and sales, you can give something of value to them, it will turn them into brand advocates and they are likely to stay with your business for a longer time period. Give your regular customers a “Thank you” gift basket containing their favorite products, you can send customized items to your customers on their birthdays to make them feel special. A lucky draw or contest can be held for your regular customers and they can be rewarded air tickets to popular destinations.

Empower your Team to Create a Customer Experience Strategy

If you want to create a better customer experience strategy, involve your team in the process. Ask them for their suggestions and tell them to contribute towards planning. Encourage their feedback, and participation and empower them to make decisions for improving and innovating the experience. Teach your team all the essential skills to make the experience gratifying, every team member should know the importance of gaining customer insight and adapting to different channels for improving client experience.

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