Tips to Effectively Engage Visitors on Live Chat

Tips to Effectively Engage Visitors on Live Chat

Live chat helps in overcoming the distance between businesses and their online customers. As more and more people are becoming familiar with this medium of communication, they are increasingly adopting it as the preferred mode of customer support. Live chat agents form the frontline for businesses in handling visitors whenever they have a query. If they are visiting for the first time, the agent is likely to ask basic details about the visitor. However, if the visitor is returning again to the website to ask more questions, you need to be better informed about their behavior. It is critical that you are prepared in all aspects to deliver the required answers with precision. Here are some tips for effectively engaging visitors on live chat!

Get an Insight before Initiating Chat

Before communicating with online visitors, it is important to delve into the history of their behavior. Such an insight will give you an edge in terms of providing quick and accurate responses. All the pages visitors went through will enable you to comprehend what the query might be. For returning visitors, it is suggested to go through their previous chat history to get an insight into their needs and preferences. A list of their searched keywords will give an insight to the problems that they might be facing.

Understand Your Visitor

Once the conversation has begun with the visitor, there are numerous factors that can aid you in knowing and understanding him/her better. The location of the visitor will help you understand the language he/she will be using as well as the tone. Devise your responses based on a visitor’s mood and make sure that you don’t use any words or phrases that have negative connotation. A prominent feature, textpathy, is helpful in calculating what the visitor is about to say or ask from the chat agent. You can prepare your answer in that context to provide a well-rounded solution.

Be Available On All Fronts

Your live chat software should be compatible with all sorts of devices. This fully responsive adaptability ensures unhindered customer support from businesses on mobile devices, tablets, desktops and laptops. Multilingual support is an added feature that helps you communicate with customers who speak different languages. Adding more languages will help in narrowing communication gaps. On mobile devices and desktops, users have their own preference for the OS they use. It is your responsibility to ensure that your live chat solution works seamlessly on all platforms, be it Windows, Mac, Android or any other. Filling up these gaps will give you an edge over your competitors while ensuring better service to your online customers.

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