Tips to Ensure You are Providing Consistent Live Chat Support

Tips to Ensure You are Providing Consistent Live Chat Support

Offering real-time support to your website visitors through live chat is one of the fastest and most effective ways to facilitate their needs. The efficiency of live chat service depends upon user-friendly software, proactive live chat agents and most importantly consistency. For customer satisfaction, offering consistent service is essential. Although some chat agents are more empathetic and efficient than others, factors such as greeting, canned messages and product/service information should be similar so that all visitors receive the same quality of service. You should also gauge the productivity and performance of your chat agents to make sure that your visitors are getting excellent Live chat service Support. Have a look at some simple yet useful tips to improve the consistency of your chat service!

Create a Script that Best Defines Your Product/Service

Conveying the same information to your website visitors is essential for consistent live chat support. So creating a script that best defines your product/service, highlights the benefits and addresses the most recurrently asked questions of the visitors would help you keep your service consistent. However, you should keep on adding new product features, deals and other latest upgrades to the script. Do not add irrelevant and too much information, also involve your chat agents to give their ideas on how to make it more interactive. Avoid using formal tone and technical jargon, keep it simple and precise.

Make Sure All Canned Messages Have a Consistent Tone

Canned messages are used to speed up response time and offer quick help to visitors. These messages are frequently utilized by chat agents to share relevant and useful information with visitors in minimal time. While the live chat features allow agents to create canned messages, you need to ensure that all of them have a consistent tone. Make sure all the visitors are receiving the same information and links according to their requirement.

Use Similar Materials and Methods to Train Chat Agents

Your live chat agents represent your business, they are likely to build a perception and image about your brand. Therefore, use similar training materials and methods to train your agents. The company values that you want them to be well acquainted with should be taught consistently in all training sessions. Moreover, you need to ensure that all chat agents have good communication and problem solving skills, for this you can conduct workshops and training exercises for all the staff, it will also give you an opportunity to explore the weaknesses and strengths of your chat agents and help them in enhancing their personal skills.

Real Time Monitoring should be used to Evaluate Agents

Real time monitoring is a chat feature that helps you evaluate your agents. It helps you improve your training sessions and consequently the chat experience for visitors. Another advantage of real time monitoring is that if a chat agent is unable to address a particular visitor query or it gets difficult to handle an angry customer, the supervisor can join the chat session to better handle the situation. This tool helps in keeping a track of chat agents’ performance, identifying issues that result in visitors’ annoyance and cause them to leave the chat session, thus improving the overall quality of your chat support.

Ask Your Visitors to Rate the Chat

Asking your visitors to rate the chat service helps you get instant and useful feedback that can be utilized to improve your service and train your agents accordingly. Using post chat surveys helps you enhance the quality of your live chat support. Chat ratings should be reviewed on a regular basis to see which chat agents are performing the best and what factors make them the top rated live chat agents. This way you can reward the most competent chat agents based on visitors’ ratings and promote skills that are vital to make customers contented and happy.

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