Tips to Improve Online Customer Engagement Rates

Tips to Improve Online Customer Engagement Rates

E-commerce businesses should endeavor to actively interact with their customers and focus on making the online experience unforgettable for them. What are the factors that impact customer engagement rates? In order to engage online customers, you need to grab their attention and stir their interest right from the start. There should be a proper Contact Us, Returns, Shipping Policy and FAQs page so that customers don’t have to search for their required information. Your business should be accessible on all channels and you should regularly ask your customers for feedback. Send them a personalized email after they have placed an order and stay in touch after the sale to show you value them. Here are a few more tips to boost your online customer engagement rates!

Offer Detailed Insight to Your Products and Service

Make sure your product descriptions are informative and address all essential questions of potential customers. Product videos are yet another way to tell customers about the benefits of your products/service. Use high resolution images, graphics, flyers, video product reviews and other visual material for your products so that your prospective customers can get a better idea about your offers.

Provide Round the Clock Customer Support

One of the essentials of great customer experience include interactive support. If you want to improve your online customer engagement rates, provide active round the clock customer support. Live chat support is an effective way to keep your customers engaged and satisfied by offering real time information, suggestions and solutions to their issues. Live chat agents can retain the interest of online visitors by answering their questions in detail and helping them find products.

Tell an Interesting Brand Story

An interesting and inspiring brand story would surely engage your online customers. Instead of using conventional ways of giving out brand information, use a story that your target audience feels compelled to know more about. This will help you not only in retaining the attention of prospective customers but will also play an important role in creating brand affinity for them. Your brand story should define who you are and what you believe in.

Change and Update your Website’s Theme

If you want to engage your online customers, you need to give them something new. Change and update your website’s theme on special occasions and when launching new products. Revamp the content and images too so that your customers feel you are offering something new to them. Announce weekly deals and sales on your website in an interesting manner. Use website banners and ads that incline customers into checking your products.

Adopt a Customer-Centric Approach

Having a client-centric approach would improve your customer engagement and retention rates. If you receive an online order during holidays, reply immediately and make sure the order is delivered as early as possible. If a customer likes a product but wants a few custom changes, make an exception by customizing the product according to his/her preference. Send e-cards and online discount coupons to your customers on special occasions. If a shopper abandons his/her cart, initiate contact and see what made him/her leave your website, ask for suggestions and apologize if there was inconvenience or a service issue.

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