Why Understanding Visitor Behavior is Essential for Your Business

Why Understanding Visitor Behavior is Essential for Your Business

In order to understand your customers, the phrase “walk in the customer’s’ shoes” comes in handy. In the last few years, several innovative tools and techniques have been developed to analyze the behavior of online customers. Live Chat is one of the best ways to learn what online visitors landing on your website want, resulting in stronger relationships with them and more sales for the business. Here are some reasons why understanding visitor behavior* will give you better insight on your customers, and help generate more leads.

Tracking Visitor Behavior Helps You Offer Better Customer Support

Live Chat Solutions is an essential medium to increase visitor engagement, turn traffic into potential leads and offer seamless, 24/7 real time communication to customers. The idea is to proactively assist customers looking for their desired product or service, and offer better customer experience. Tracking visitor behavior* has shown a significant increase in chat engagement.

Imagine a visitor landing on a website and looking for a particular product, and receiving a customized greeting by the chat agent on the website, such as, “Hi, I see that you are looking for formal shirts, may I offer assistance?” This is one of the main features of visitor behavior* tracking and helps enhance visitor experience. The chat agents can see which keywords visitors were searching for, their geographical location, which pages they’re spending more time on, before they greet the customer. This results in an overall increase in customer satisfaction levels as agents are able to provide better support to customers.

It lets you Understand Customers’ Needs and Expectations

When you start to closely examine the behavior of online visitors, for example, what percentage of visitors spend a significant amount of time on which specific page of your website, how many clients purchase a particular product or service, what type of activities receive more engagement from visitors, etc. you start to understand your customers and their expectations from your business. By collecting visitor behavior* statistics, you can design a better sales and marketing strategy. Similarly, if visitors are showing more interest in a particular product, your business can invest more time and money in that, tailoring a solution for their needs. Retaining information such as this will help a business grow faster and achieve success by learning more about their customers and what they want.

You Can Save Visitor Information for Future Purchases

Visitor behavior tracking in live chat software comes with the additional benefit of retaining visitor information. For example, name, email, phone number, and number of purchases, etc. This gives your business an edge for repeat business. If these customers return to your website, chat agents are a step ahead, and can see all previous details of the conversation that took place with the customer. By going through chat history, agents will be able to understand the preferences of customers and make product recommendations keeping in mind what they like. This enables the business to completely personalize the experience for customers, raising satisfaction and helping businesses sell more.

*In order to meet GDPR requirements, data subjects coming from European Union will not be able to enjoy services driven by LiveAdmins Visitor Behaviour Tracking and Business Intelligence.

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