LiveAdmins Fusions ChatGPT with Human-Powered Chats to Drive Customer Success

LiveAdmins Fusions ChatGPT with Human-Powered Chats to Drive Customer Success

August 17, 2023 – Chicago, IL: In a groundbreaking move towards revolutionizing digital customer service interactions, LiveAdmins, the leading provider of live chat solutions, has announced the integration of ChatGPT into their existing customer support chatbot, Pebble.

This integration is an affirmation of LiveAdmins’ commitment to helping businesses grow in the area of sales and digital customer experience. The amalgamation of Artificial Intelligence with human-powered chats is a move towards continued excellence in terms of delivering exceptional customer service, enhancing efficiency and enabling more growth for businesses.

Commenting on this advancement, Chief Technology Officer for LiveAdmins, Rehan Wali said, “This ingenious fusion of AI and human interaction is truly a marvel, redefining how LiveAdmins Chat will help businesses connect with their customers. We’re entering an era where every interaction is an amazing blend of innovation and excellence, setting a new gold standard for customer satisfaction.”

The integration of ChatGPT into existing LiveAdmins chatbot Pebble architecture has enabled it to employ dynamic AI technology to improve the nature of pre-fed responses, refining their quality, format and content. Now, it can effectively answer customer queries using relevant, accurate data sourced from all over the web. Pebble can use a vast repository of information to filter out and choose the best responses for any question, general inquiries, or specific statistics.

This integration of ChatGPT with Pebble seamlessly extends to Facebook and WhatsApp chatbots as well, ensuring consistency in customer service interactions across all platforms for businesses. As a result, LiveAdmins has once again proven itself to be the true all-in-one omnichannel solution ensuring all customer service needs are met.

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