LiveAdmins makes Business Text Messaging Easier with Chat2SMS

LiveAdmins makes Business Text Messaging Easier with Chat2SMS

Dec 26, 2019 – Chicago, IL: Leading live chat company, LiveAdmins, has introduced a new feature called Chat2SMS which allows businesses to increase their audience base by enabling website visitors to do text conversations on the go.

Feature benefits for businesses include three-way chats through which clients can join in a conversation to close a sale, increased engagement and ROI, personalized branding, off-hours coverage and direct contact between customers and sales teams.  

General Manager Operations at LiveAdmins, Brian Smith says, “We believe customer service is a priority and our new Chat2SMS feature not only enhances the ease of access with which customers can communicate to businesses, it also provides more than one platform for queries to be answered, increasing business flexibility.” 

Other aspects consist of SMS inquiry alerts for businesses to track when visitors use the feature, concurrent support as agents communicate to multiple visitors simultaneously and agent-driven canned messages for more efficient results. 

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