4 Tips on How to Effectively Engage Your Online Customers

4 Tips on How to Effectively Engage Your Online Customers

Customers living in the digital era expect businesses to provide them with convenient and exceptional online services. Along with providing great service, businesses also need to effectively engage customers in order to sell their products to them. Connecting and communicating efficiently through digital mediums is an art which helps companies retain more customers. So how can your company engage more online customers? Here are some tips that will help.

Proactively Interact and Engage with Customers on Social Media

To be available on social media does not mean for companies to create an online presence and leave it at that, in fact companies need to interact with their customers often in order to form an affiliation with them. Businesses need to proactively engage with customers on social media and inform them about the latest developments and trends. Constantly updating your social media page and inviting customers to give suggestions and comments is an effective way to engage them.

Stir the interest of your customers by running contests and polls on your social media pages. Encourage them to interact and post. Customers can also be offered an opportunity to co-create something with the business and people whose ideas get selected can be offered rewards.

Build Better Relationships with Live Chat Customer Support

You can proactively communicate with your customers online by integrating live chat on the website. With the help of live chat, a business can greet and engage with online customers which can improve the customer’s experience considerably. Knowing that a representative is there to help answer any query that a customer has improves the satisfaction level and digital experience provided by the company. Furthermore, companies can offer chat services in multiple languages 24 hours a day to facilitate customers from different cultures and regions. There can be specific days assigned to experts or directors in the company to converse one-on-one with customers and listen to their suggestions and complaints via live chat software on the website. All these efforts will help build better relations with customers and improve the engagement level.

Be Accessible Through an App

Customers want convenience and ease. Convenience in today’s world does not only refer to placing orders online and getting items delivered but it also means that businesses have to be accessible at all times. As smartphones have become immensely popular, it is only normal for businesses to create an app through which customers can shop, get information and receive notifications about any latest developments in the service.

You can engage with your customers better by deploying live chat on your app. Ask customers to rate your products and services through the app. Customers can also register complaints and place orders via the app. The Starbucks app for instance not only equips customers with relevant information but also allows them to create custom drinks through it.

Get Feedback and Analyze the Online Customer Journey

Businesses, which have happy customers, are known to continually improve themselves which helps them form good relationships with their customers. A great way to engage your customers is to ask for feedback from them about your business. Many companies focus on getting feedback but have no idea what to do with the collected data. It is essential for businesses to act on the information they have received and ensure progress. Inform your customers about the changes being made based on their suggestions. It is also important to put yourself in the customers’ shoes and evaluate the customer journey. Identify loopholes and devise a strategy to fix those issues. Take the time out to talk to your customers and tell them what your company is doing. Communicating with customers will help you build strong relations with them.

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