5 E-Commerce Basics for Your Business in 2015

5 E-Commerce Basics for Your Business in 2015

As the first quarter of 2015 is about to end, many in the e-commerce business are working towards meeting the set quarterly sales targets. The question which arises in the mind every single day is how to increase online sales? Several business strategies have to be implemented to gain results. However, listed below are five essentials that all e-commerce companies must keep in mind in 2015:

Micro-Targeting Online Customers

E-commerce companies need to know exactly who their customers are and what they are looking for. This is where Micro-targeting comes in. This a marketing strategy which involves the use of consumer data and demographics to figure out the trends demonstrated by individuals as well as by small groups of people. By identifying the likes and popular trends amongst customers, businesses can tailor and market products accordingly. This will help increase sales for the company. While selling products, it is also essential to create a personalized experience for customers to make sure that all their expectations are fully met.

Invest More in Mobile Side of things

With the rapid innovation in mobile technology across the globe, it has become vital to ensure a strong mobile presence for your business. Most consumers are browsing for products through their smartphones or tablets. With the constant increase in online shopping, your business needs to offer mobile-accessible services. The business website needs to be responsive and fully compatible with all kinds of mobile browsers. Having mobile apps developed for Android, iOS and Blackberry devices is also a growing trend for businesses around the world.

Offering Multiple Payment Modes

Some online customers prefer using their credit/debit cards to make online payments while they purchase products whereas others consider it insecure and prefer cash on delivery. A small number of online customers also prefer making advance payments through online bank transfers. So you need to ensure that you are not leaving out any of these three vital modes of payment options for your customers. You will be losing several potential customers if you are not offering them multiple modes to pay for products.

Ensure Seamless Customer Support Experience Across all Channels

With your team working tirelessly towards increasing sales, you need to make sure that each of your new customer becomes your returning customer. To implement this, you need to ensure that your business provides seamless customer service experience across all channels and customer touch points. This includes providing excellent service through 24/7 telephonic support, live chat solutions, and e-mail support.

Tapping into the Logistics

Look into hiring the services of third-party logistic firms for shipping of your products. These logistics companies would help you ship your customers’ orders in a flawless manner at highly affordable prices. The logistics company would also help you with the Reverse Logistics operations, letting you efficiently handle returns and exchanges. Same-day-delivery is one of the most attractive offers for online customers. Keep this in mind to stand out from other businesses and to attract more customers.

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