5 Things You Need to Know About Digital Customers

5 Things You Need to Know About Digital Customers

Technology has evolved tremendously over the past decade. As a result, customer behavior has changed as well. Digital customers of today are more tech savvy and expect quick and quality service from businesses. In order to grab the attention of these customers, marketers have to experiment with different strategies, like behavioral advertising to engage them and persuade them into buying products. Digital customers like companies that are easily accessible over social media. They want quick responses for their queries and complaints and in order to satisfy them you should be available around the clock. To win the loyalty of these customers, you need to deliver better products and a consistent service experience to them. Devise your marketing and service strategy for digital customers keeping in view the following factors!

Digital Customers do their Research

Customers these days conduct thorough research on a brand and its products before making a buying decision. Digital customers want informative content on websites, they will go through all the information available about a product/service before trying it out. These customers give importance to online reviews about a product, they are likely to get an insight on the benefits of your product and see if it’s worth buying. In order to serve their needs, you should offer detailed product information through flyers, case studies and other relevant material that can help them in understanding your product and business.

They Prefer “Speed” and “Quality”

“Speed” and “Quality” are the main concern of digital customers. They would want their queries and concerns to be addressed in minimal time, they like to be served without making them wait and they want quality customer service. In case of a complaint or issue they would want a business to offer them a quick solution to the problem without compromising on quality. They like businesses that offer service around the clock. To satisfy them, you need to make sure that your team is putting in every effort to deliver quality and quick service.

They like Instant and Personalized Communication

Digital customers like to stay connected all the time. They prefer text messaging and social media to stay in touch and they want personalized communication. Whether its email, phone call, live chat or social media, they would want a business to add a personal touch to communication. Always greet these customers by their names, communicate with them in an informal and friendly tone and be a good listener. Empathy is yet another element that you should use in your communication while dealing with these customers to make them feel heard and being taken care of.

They choose Innovation in Products and Service

Digital customers pick up products that they feel are unique. When it comes to customer service they want new experiences. In order to retain the interest of these customers and keep them coming back to you, innovate your products and service. If you are offering just one kind of product, add more features or introduce new ones at regular intervals. Surprise these customers every single time they shop from you by doing something unexpected. For instance, offer free coffee and a gift card, or goody bags to their kids, show small gestures that make the experience exciting for them every time they shop from you.

They want Consistent Brand Experience

Customers these days want businesses to be transparent. They perceive a brand on a consistent experience, if they receive different information while shopping on the website and in-person they are not likely to trust that business again. You need to align your marketing, sales and customer service team to keep the brand presence and experience consistent across all touch points so that your customers trust your products and service. Make sure that all your customer support representatives are on the same page while fixing service issues and sharing information.

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