5 Tips for Businesses to Turn Website Visitors into Customers

5 Tips for Businesses to Turn Website Visitors into Customers

Looking for ways to turn web surfers into paying customers? Do you have a limited online advertising and marketing budget? You can turn your website visitors into customers by focusing on building a strong relationship with them over time. While this may seem like a puzzling and time consuming endeavor, you can use proactive communication to offer your website visitors an amazing experience which is likely to result in them buying from you. The only way to turn your website visitors into repeat customers is to engage them through effective communication. However, you need to consider the demographics and psychographics of your visitors before devising an approach. Here are some tips for engaging your website visitors!

Engage Visitors and Collect Contact Details with Live Chat

The first step towards initiating the customer-business relationship with your website visitors involves collecting their contact details. This can be done by offering a newsletter subscription or some other service that involves visitors signing up. Having live chat on the website also enables you to collect visitors’ contact information. Some visitors might not be comfortable sharing their details with you, do not push them, instead offer them space and treat them in a friendly manner to encourage a second visit. While collecting information ask for an e-mail address first and if a visitor is comfortable you can further ask him/her for their phone number. You can also use live chat service to address your website visitors’ queries and concerns, offer them suggestions, and sell to them by communicating with them in real-time.

Use Visitors’ Sign up Details to Bond with Them

After you have your website visitors’ contact information, use it to learn about their specific interests and bond with them. You might not sell anything to these visitors but think of this communication as image building for your new business. Send “Thank you” e-mails to these website visitors and tell them you would really appreciate them visiting your webpage again. You can use these communication initiating e-mails to earn the trust of your customers and to know more about them. Pay attention to the tone of your e-mail content, it should not look like a marketing gimmick, instead make it a friendly letter that makes the recipient feels he/she is important to you.

After Evaluating Visitor’s Interests, Use E-Mail Marketing Wisely

After you get familiar with your website visitors’ specific interests and trends, you can devise an effective e-mail marketing strategy to sell your products/service. For instance if you are a business that sells home décor accessories, the visitors who will be visiting your website would mostly be women, interior decorators and people who want quick home décor solutions. After initial communication with these visitors and knowing their particular requirements/needs you can send out marketing e-mails to every customer segment offering them products that match their interests. Focused marketing is likely to bring you fruitful results.

Paid Clicks can be directed to Landing Pages

A technical tip for making your website visitors your potential customers is to direct your paid clicks on the landing pages. Design your landing pages in a way that they convey insightful and detailed information about your business and stir the interest of the visitors. Make your landing pages more about the solutions your product/service offers rather than stuffing them with marketing jargons. You can create a special landing page for specific searches to get the best results. For instance, if you are a store that offers women shoes, a visitor searching for flip flops can be directed to your landing page for flip flops. Place your contact details on every landing page in order to make it easy for the visitors to communicate with you.

Pay Attention to Your Website’s Layout

While this may seem insignificant, your website layout can be one of the decisive factors for many visitors to choose your business. Design your web page with an interesting theme, keep your logo small, memorable and interesting enough to grab the attention of website visitors. A user friendly interface and proper categorization of your products under every section along with easy payment procedures is likely to play a significant role for your website visitors to shop from you. So if for instance, you are starting off a leather goods store, having a website with brown or black color schemes, categories for Men and Women products, further categorization of bags, wallets and shoes and simple checkout and payment methods would make your website easy to use for the visitors and they are likely to buy from you.

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