5 Tips for E-Bookstores to Offer a Better Customer Experience

5 Tips for E-Bookstores to Offer a Better Customer Experience

Online bookstores have made it quite hassle free for customers to shop for their favorite books, magazines and journals with just a few clicks. The ease with which people can find their favorite novels, history books or biographies on e-book stores has earned them millions of ardent book shoppers. However, exceeding the expectations of customers can be challenging for these stores. A small technical or communication glitch can result in a strained customer relationship, so in order to make your customer experience memorable for online book shoppers you need to offer them convenience, prompt and proactive service to show that you value them. Here are five tips to start off with!

Make it Easy for Customers to find their Required Books

The first step towards making the experience better for customers on your E-book store is to offer them easy web navigation. Categorize the books into proper sections like fiction, history, politics, poetry, science etc. Further subdivide the books according to authors’ names and give an option of “easy search” to your website visitors, where they can just type the name of the book and find it. Making it easy for your customers to find books will improve their satisfaction level.

Provide Proactive and Around the Clock Customer Support

A customer wanting to buy a used book or looking for suggestions on what to read would want someone to talk to immediately. Instead of giving “fill the form and we will contact you” option, use a proactive and round the clock medium for customer support. Live chat is one such communication channel through which you can actively interact with online customers in real time, provide them with required information and take care of complaints and issues as well. You can enhance customer satisfaction levels easily through live chat by offering suggestions and you can get instant feedback from them too. Immerse yourself in the realm of proactive customer engagement by exploring the features of our live chat demo and staying ahead of the curve.

Keep the Payment and Shipping Processes Simple

The two most important factors that can impact customer experience are the number of steps they have to follow for making online payment and if they receive products on the promised delivery date. So in order to make your online book shoppers happy and contented, keep your payment and shipping processes simple. Offer online payment options and cash on delivery as well. Shipping time should be minimum, in case there is an issue, inform your customers in advance and offer them “track your order” option.

Offer Discounts and Deals to Your Customers

Bibliophiles love book discounts and the best way to make them your loyal customers is to offer them frequent discounts and deals. You can have “Author of the Month” celebrations on your website and give 20% off on his/her books. You can also bundle up 3-4 literature, history and political books of different authors and sell them at a discounted price. Give special deals to your most loyal customers. Competitive pricing and a biweekly or monthly sale would keep the customers coming back to your store to shop more.

Encourage Your Customers to Write Book Reviews and Blogs

To enhance customer engagement, encourage them to write book reviews and blogs for your website. It would not only help strengthen your bond with customers but would also get you compelling website content that is likely to bring you more traffic; interesting blog posts and book reviews would grab the attention of many. You can also ask customers to rate books and create their own community of readers on your website. Making your customers feel important is a vital part of delivering an amazing customer experience!

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