5 Useful Tips to Measure User Experience on Your Website

5 Useful Tips to Measure User Experience on Your Website

Do you think you’re offering your website visitors an amazing experience? Start off by tracking how visitors are navigating your website and the amount of time they are spending filling out forms. Another easy way to measure the experience is to involve your customer support team and take their opinion. Always keep a check on customer queries and complaints on social media and other channels to address and resolve issues that visitors might be encountering while on your website. Here’s a look at some simple ways to see if you’re offering your website visitors a delightful experience!

Track How Visitors are Navigating Your Website

The first way to measure if visitors are receiving a satisfactory experience is to track how they are navigating your website. There are various tools available that can help you track the clicks of your website users, so you can see which categories and pages are getting the most clicks and if there is anything that needs to be added to the website for user convenience. If you find website visitors getting confused because of lack of information or complicated language, you should make changes to the website to ensure that visitors easily find what they are looking for.

Calculate Time Users Spend on Filling Forms

Another important factor that you need to consider while tracking user experience for your website is the time and effort required for filling out forms. If your forms are lengthy and hard to fill, visitors are likely to leave your website without filling them. So make sure that the signup forms are easy to fill and have minimum questions. Track how visitors are filling forms, you can check which fields are being completed by them, which ones are being ignored and causing people to leave your website. Based on that you can make changes to your forms for better user experience.

Utilize Feedback Offered by Your Customer Support Team

You can use feedback from your customer support team for improving user experience on your website. Having live chat for a website gives your business a competitive edge, you can conduct surveys through live chat to see if customers are happy with their experience and if there is anything that they want you to change or add to the website. The widely complained concerns and issues can be resolved for providing visitors a better experience.

Track Customer Queries and Complaints on Various Channels  

If your website visitors find it difficult to get answers through your website, they will use social media, phone and e-mail for help. In order to measure customer contentment with your service, keep a record of queries and complaints on all channels. There might be FAQs that you have missed out on your website or issues customers are facing that are not properly addressed. Therefore, you need to track down what customers are sharing with you on various channels. Tracking such complaints will help you fix issues effectively.

Usability Testing Can Give You Better Insight to Impending Issues

Usability testing can give you an insight about any impending issues that visitors might face in future. Choose a group of your employees to run the test, ask them to check the website and see if they can navigate all the categories, add products to the cart, checkout, pay online, easily signup and subscribe for various services. Running such a test is likely to shed light on any overlooked issues that can ruin the experience for your visitors.

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