5 Ways to Create an Urgency to Buy More

5 Ways to Create an Urgency to Buy More

Setting a deadline makes many of us take action. The same tactic when applied in advertising to customers can create an urgency to buy more. For example, if you market to your customers that a deal is only valid for three days, a discount coupon can be used within two weeks or a sale is on for ten days, it will compel customers to shop more. Creating a sense of urgency through smart marketing gimmicks is likely to land you more customers. Whether you are launching a new brand or want to enhance sales for your existing product range, finding ways of creating sales urgency can significantly help you achieve your goals. Have a look at these five techniques to call customers to action!

Offer Your Customers an Exciting One Day Sale

If you are not meeting your sales target from the new product range, try to attract your customers through an exciting one day sale. Sales in which you offer your customers to buy products on half or quarter price will surely lure them to shop from your brand. This strategy especially works well when you announce a sale on new items, since seasonal sales and discounts are quite common. You can have a mega one day sale on latest products on special days like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving and your brand’s anniversary celebrations. This marketing tactic is not only likely to improve your sales but will also make your customers happy at the same time.

Customers like to Participate in Interesting Contests

Another technique for creating sales urgency is to engage customers through contests. Customers like to participate in interesting contests and if you want to sell more, make use of contests that your customers feel inclined to participate in. For instance, if you are trying to sell homecare products, you can ask your customers to participate in a contest on Facebook in which they have to share the most memorable home decor story. Customers who win can be given a gift basket of your new products or discount coupons that can be availed within a week. Similarly, an online cosmetic store can sell more by asking questions on Live Chat solutions related to their new products, like what is the primary ingredient of our new radiance cream? The winners can be given free product samples and discount vouchers that are valid for two weeks.

Grab Attention with Limited Time Offers

If you are launching a new gadget for instance, offering a limited time offer like 10% off for a week or ten days would grab the attention of prospective customers. Deals that are valid for a day or a week are used by a number of customers. Therefore, one of the best ways of creating sales urgency is to introduce limited time offers. Restaurants, especially new ones can boost sales by giving discount coupons for lunch and dinner. Foodies love to explore new dining places and once they know that they are getting a special discount in a new restaurant, they would definitely try it out. Limited time offers and deals are likely to lure your customers to buy more so you can use them for improving sales.

Pitch Your Idea by Appealing to the Needs of Customers

Customers are likely to buy more from you if you make them feel that you understand their needs better than any other business. Pitching a sales idea by appealing to the needs of your customers is likely to make them shop from you. For instance, if you want to sell office furniture to businesses, you should be pitching your idea by highlighting the positive aspects of your products such as comfort, durability, affordability and that you offer a special deal to your clients where they can have the furniture replaced by paying a little extra after a certain time period. Catering to the needs of your customers would compel them into buying from you instantly and is likely to develop brand affinity.

Give Away As Many Free Items As You Can

A traditional but effective technique to create urgency in sales is giving away as many free items as you can. When your customers know that they would get more by paying less they are likely to buy more from you. You can give away free items in the form of ‘buy one get one free’ or a gift item with every purchase. Based on the preferences of your target audience, give away thoughtful promotional items. This marketing technique will not only help you improve sales but is likely to strengthen your brand image.

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