7 Creative Marketing Ideas that can Work Wonders for your Business

7 Creative Marketing Ideas that can Work Wonders for your Business

Today, customers are more demanding, empowered and social. They are also weary of traditional marketing gimmicks which means you have to be creative and innovative in your marketing approach. Being creative does not necessarily require a huge marketing budget, you need to keep in view the demographics and psychographics of your target audience and use simple, engaging and attention grabbing techniques to stir the interest of your potential customers. Here are some ideas to start with.

Use Street Marketing to your Advantage

As street marketing is usually done in public places, it offers you an opportunity to directly convey your message to a large number of people. The main idea behind this sort of marketing is to create an immediate impact on your potential customers. For example, if you are launching a shampoo for young girls, you can have a model disguised as a fairy tale character who can walk around the shopping malls and distribute free samples of the shampoo.

Engage your Audience through Contests

Contests have always been a useful marketing tactic. Many contests are conducted online now, since customers can easily respond to them and it is convenient for businesses to streamline the process. You can use interesting contests to market your products, for example, if you are launching a new ice cream, you can post a picture of a young and old couple eating it and ask the audience to give captions to it, the best captions should be posted along with the winners’ names and they should be offered exciting prizes.

Content Marketing Never Fails

Never underestimate the power of content. Use infographics, SEO writing, graphs and articles based on future predictions and statistics to grab the attention of your potential customers. Content Marketing can be made more enticing by publishing experts’ opinions or interviews, that way you can establish the credibility of your brand along with earning the trust of your potential customers.

Live Chat is an interactive Marketing Medium

Having live chat on your website not only makes it easier for you to communicate with your customers promptly but also offers you the leverage to market your products. Talking to customers in real time and promoting your products on the spot has become quite convenient through live chat. For example, if you run an online flower and gift shop and you get a lead for flower delivery, you can market your other products like greeting cards, cakes, chocolates and gift packages as well.

Create Hype with Social Media Marketing

You can create hype about your products quite effectively through social media. Post interesting content on Facebook. Join relevant industry hashtag themes that have ardent followers, you can get an insight about the popular trends and share posts that can engage a large number of Twitter followers. Be insightful with your social media marketing strategy, visit your competitors’ pages regularly and see if you are missing out something. Marketing on social media is also a great way to reach global customers.

Create Entertaining Comic Strips

Online comic strips are quite popular these days; there are websites where you can create free comic strips for your business. The tip to create engaging comics is to keep things simple and funny, stick to your industry facts and products. For example if you have to sell an energy drink, a funny comic strip can be created about two aspiring detectives who dream of saving the world.

Use Traditional Tools in a Creative Way

Flyers, streamers, billboards, brochures, stickers and print marketing were and are still appealing mediums to engage potential customers, however, you need to design and make use of these tools in a creative way. The print ad for Cape Times Newspaper featuring a selfie of Prince Williams and Kate Middleton on their wedding day with the tagline, “You can’t get any closer to the news” is one of the inspiring examples on how you can use traditional marketing mediums in a trendy and creative manner.

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