How E-Businesses can offer a Delightful Customer Experience on this Mother’s Day?

How E-Businesses can offer a Delightful Customer Experience on this Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day celebrations have begun with the ordering of flowers, cakes, gifts and dine out reservations online. While E- Businesses are striving to sell their exclusive products to customers on this special day, making the experience delightful is extremely important. Online bakeries, retail stores, florists and courier services providers ought to keep their customer service exemplary on this special day to make it memorable for their customers. Take this day as an opportunity to win your customers for life and leave an indelible impression on them with your service. Here are a few tips to start with!

Give your Website an Interesting Mother’s Day Theme

Select an attention grabbing and emotionally appealing Mother’s Day theme for your website, the layout of your website should make the visitors feel that you are ardently celebrating the day. You can use quotes or poetry on Motherhood as part of the theme. Give catchy names to your “Mother’s Day Special Products.” Think about creative marketing ideas and make your website banners compelling enough to make a customer check out your products.

Meet Deadlines without Compromising on Quality

Online confectioners, gift shops and retail stores should ensure that they meet deadlines without compromising on the quality of the product/service. The least your customers would expect from you is to deliver the order on time, so do not overbook just for the sake of revenue generation, give priority to customer satisfaction and take only those orders that you can deliver on the promised date. Make sure that you give your customers true value for their money; the quality of the product should be unrivalled and it should reach a customer’s doorstep at the right time.

Personalize the Experience

Provide your customers with a personalized experience, attach a handwritten card with a heartfelt wish on every order along with the name of the mother. Give your customers the choice to customize a product according to their preference. Ask your repeat customers to share their favorite picture with their mom, get them printed on mugs and t-shirts; you can give away these personalized gifts to your loyal customers.

Communicate proactively to offer Suggestions and Solutions

There would be visitors on your website who are indecisive or confused about a product, use live chat to interact with such visitors and offer them suggestions in selecting a gift for their mom. Live chat service can also be used to address customers’ queries, concerns and update them about delivery status. Make sure that you stay in touch with your customers and inform them about any impending issues to save them from inconvenience.

Delight your Customers with Surprise Offers

Every brand announces special discount deals and packages on festivals and special days, it is a great way of boosting sales. However, you can do something unique with your Mother’s Day discount strategy to stir your customers’ interest. In addition to your regular discount coupons and packages, you can give surprise offers and gifts to the young working moms or the entrepreneur moms, mothers who have not only made a difference to the lives of their family but to society, the soldier moms who are away from their loved ones and the writer moms who deserve appreciation. You can hold online contests as well and reward the winners with dinner/movie coupons, jewelry, designer bags, watches and other enticing gifts.

Publish your Customers’ Mother’s Day Stories

Mother’s Day is all about remembering the love and affection of mothers, be a brand that celebrates motherhood. Ask your customers for memorable stories about their moms and publish them on your social media pages. The happiness of seeing their stories and photos on your social media pages would be much more than a surprise gift or discount package. It would further strengthen your bond with the customers and they would value you as a brand that truly cares for their sentiments.

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