How Florists can improve Customer Service this Valentine

How Florists can improve Customer Service this Valentine

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and traditionally the most sought-after item that people send to each other is “flowers”. Online florists have made it quite convenient and hassle-free to deliver flowers in any part of the world. However, due to workload and fewer resources many online flower shops find it hard to meet the delivery deadlines; hence it results in agitating the customers who in turn criticize a service provider on social media portals. To avoid such an unpleasant situation, follow these simple and effective tips to offer your customers a delightful Customer Experience.

Product Information should be Accurate

Customers find it quite annoying if the product information on a website is vague or lacks important details. Make sure that your product range for Valentine’s Day has all the essential information tagged along. Price, quantity, and shipping charges should be listed accurately. An improper, wrong, or exaggerated detail about the product or shipping rate/time is likely to give a negative impression about your business. So never fabricate the product description to lure the customers, instead “be honest.”

Use Live Chat as a prompt Communication Tool

You would be getting countless orders for the day. Live Chat for Business is a quick and efficient medium to connect with your online customers; it gives you the leverage to understand a customer’s requirements in an effective manner. With the help of live chat service, you can give suggestions to the customers in a timely manner. A renowned flower shop was criticized severely last year after Valentine’s Day because of not responding timely to the customers’ complaints and concerns, so give your website visitors immediate response through live customer support.

Give Personalized Services

You can take this Valentine’s Day as a prospective opportunity for building a strong customer brand relationship. Give every customer a personalized service to make them feel important. You can send a thoughtful card along with every flower delivery without charging the customers for it. When they would get to know about this nice gesture from your brand, you are likely to receive Facebook likes and commendable comments all over social media. Make your customers happy and see how they shower you with compliments on various communication platforms.

Offer Special Packages and Discount Deals

Your customers will fall in love with your brand this Valentine’s Day if they are offered exciting discounts and special packages. However, you need to make sure that the product/service quality is not compromised for the discounted packages. The flowers should be fresh, packaging should be appealing and delivery time should be perfect. Make your packages “real special ones” by providing your customers the very best.

Honor your Commitment

Staunchly follow the trade ethics and do not commit to the orders that you can’t possibly deliver. Instead of thinking about generating revenue, focus on quality Customer Service. You might earn money once by picking too many orders but you are likely to lose a number of customers because of bad service. You can earn new customers’ trust by delivering their orders on time. They will definitely come back to you next Valentine’s Day if they find the services satisfactory, so prove yourself worthwhile enough to retain customers.

Devise a Strategy for Quality Assurance

Keeping track of various orders across different parts of the world gets quite puzzling so you need to devise a proper strategy. Do not make the customers wait to find out about the status of orders, send them instant updates on their mobile phones regarding delivery status. You should also always seek feedback from your customers and make a list of widely complained issues to improve those areas of your service.

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