How Live Chat can Help Hospitality Industry with Customer Retention

How Live Chat can Help Hospitality Industry with Customer Retention

If you are working in the hospitality industry, customer satisfaction and providing stellar customer service should be your top priority. For hotels and resorts, offering proactive customer support is essential for retaining customers. Having a functional website and utilizing efficient channels of customer communication can play a significant role in enhancing customer satisfaction levels. Using live chat support on your website is likely to earn you a competitive edge. This tool can help you address booking and pricing queries of customers in minimal time. Having live chat on your website helps strengthen your brand image as customers see you as a business which has customer care as a priority. Here are a few ways in which live chat can be utilized by businesses in the hospitality industry to retain customers.

Use Live Chat for Booking and Pricing Queries

With proactive live chat on your hotel website, customer queries regarding pricing and booking can be sorted out immediately. Multiple customer queries can be handled through this smart tool which offers personalized experience to every customer, without making them wait. A customer can receive all the relevant information from a live chat operator without having to browse through the website and information which is not listed on the website can be conveyed via chat. Reservations can also be made and confirmed through live chat.

Give Information and Offer Suggestions Instantly

For hotels and resorts, offering customers timely information is crucial. For instance, if there is an event happening on New Year’s Eve, live chat support on your website can be used to give out instant information. Another advantage of using chat is that you can offer suggestions to your customers, this gesture can go a long way in building lasting customer relationships. A potential client who might be traveling for a leisure trip and is looking for a package or deal can be offered advice through live chat. With real time conversations it is easier to inform your customers about your offers and give suggestions according to their preferences.

Customer Complaints can be Resolved Quickly

For retaining customers, it is essential to resolve customer service complaints and issues in minimal time. Hospitality businesses can use live chat support to address customer complaints. Representatives can empathize with customers complaining about quality of food, the service provided or a booking being cancelled via live chat on the website. Customer care representatives can rectify a negative customer experience by offering a quick and satisfactory solution to the issue at hand.

Proactive Customer Support Leads to Stronger Customer Relationships

Offering around the clock customer support can lead to stronger customer relationships. By using live chat as a customer support tool, you can inform visitors on your website about any recent changes in your booking or billing processes. Communicating actively with your customers through live chat will help you build stronger relationships with them. The level of customer care provided will assist in building brand affinity and help retain more customers.

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