How to Attract More Customers this Holiday Season

How to Attract More Customers this Holiday Season

Holiday season is one of the busiest and most profitable time for majority of businesses. Everyone wants to celebrate and give each other meaningful gifts. As people hunt for the perfect gift items, businesses need to identify how to attract as many customers as possible and maximize their ROI. There are numerous ways in which businesses can reach their target audience and increase revenue. Devise a smart marketing strategy which is customized around the holiday season, run special offers and promotions, give out gifts by holding contests and ensure round the clock customer support. Here are a few ideas on how you can attract more customers this year.

Run a Comprehensive Marketing Campaign

Whether you are a brick-and-mortar store or an online business, you can increase your sales if you have an effective marketing strategy. As a first step, identify all the right channels and platforms to reach out to your target audience. This could be via social media, newsletters, flyers or an email campaign. Keep in mind that shoppers looking for gifts for friends and family will start investing their time and money before the holidays approach. Get your social media content and graphics ready before time so you can instantly update it on all platforms. Get creative with your campaign and add videos to your website and social channels. The more focused, attractive and engaging your campaign is, the more impactful it is likely to be.

Offer Exciting Deals and Discounts

With millions of dollars being spent during the holidays, businesses need to ensure that they offer special deals and discounts to attract more customers. ‘Buy One Get One Free’ deals are a great way to increase sales. From Christmas to New Year’s, customers have diverse shopping preferences for these occasions. It is always a good idea to create and promote products that go with the holiday theme or you bundle up packages/combos to sell at a discounted price for the season. Check your inventories, update your stocks, and exceed your client’s expectations by offering them more value for money. Make sure you offer something different from other businesses to attract more customers. You could always offer free shipping or gift-wrapping services during the holiday season.

Get Festive with the Holiday Theme

Festive decorations are always a great idea to appeal to the emotions of customers who are in the mood to celebrate. For brick-and-mortar stores, colorful decorations can be added along with live music performances to create the right ambiance. Make sure the window display is changed to attract more customers. On the digital front, graphics and banners with meaningful messages can be added to online stores and social media pages. Going with the holiday theme is a great way to get attention from customers.

Go the Extra Mile for Customers

Customers appreciate businesses that understand their needs and go the extra mile to serve them. This can be achieved in multiple ways. One way is by offering them quality customer support at every step. For the holiday shopper influx and increased traffic to your store or on your website, ensure you are there for every customer. Hire extra help at your store to cater to multiple visitors and train your staff to offer a consistent service experience during the busy season. Likewise, integrating live chat into your website can help you sell more and offer instant support. This will ensure you are there for your online customers 24/7. Make sure you proactively greet all customers and wish them happy holidays. Inform customers about all the promotions and special discounts your business is offering to boost sales.

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