How to Handle Different Kinds of Customers Online

How to Handle Different Kinds of Customers Online

You are likely to come across different types of customers while selling online. In order to deliver great service experience and build a strong customer base, your support team should change their approach while talking to different customers. Catering to the needs of customers involves understanding their expectations and offering them the right kind of support. The best way to handle various sorts of customers is to categorize them and then define an approach to manage their needs. Active communication is key to effective customer support so make sure you always listen attentively to your customers and guide them properly. Here are a few useful tips on handling different kinds of customers online!

Offer Immediate Help to Potential or New Customers

Potential or new customers visiting your website might have heard about your product/service through social media, advertising or word of mouth. They might be familiar with your business but still want detailed insight on what your product/service can do for them and why they should buy it. Therefore, when potential customers land on your website, greet them with enthusiasm via tools such as live chat for business and offer them detailed information about your business and products. Never force them into buying from you, instead be helpful and try to build trust with them, take their contact information, and follow up later if they leave your website without buying anything.

Appreciate Returning Customers

Customers who keep coming back to your website to purchase more deserve special treatment. Appreciate repeat customers and encourage them to get entitled to your loyalty programs. Offer special discount deals to them and stay in touch through e-mail or social media. Keep them excited about your latest offers by updating them on what’s new. Ask your regular customers for testimonials and feature them on your website. Showing them appreciation is likely to turn them into brand advocates and they would refer you to their friends and family, thus getting you word-of-mouth referrals.

Show Empathy to Irate and Complaining Customers

It often gets challenging to deal with angry customers online, however with empathy and active communication you can rectify a negative experience. Be a good observer when customers are angry and note down all their concerns. Make sure they don’t have to repeat their complaint. Be empathetic, use words and phrases that express concern and instantly offer solutions to these customers. Make sure you follow up with complaining customers and ask them if they are satisfied with the solution offered.

Properly Guide Customers Who Seem Confused  

There are certain customers who are confused and need help with finding their desired product/service. Make sure you explain to them in detail what your company and product does, ask them questions to understand what they are looking for and give them options that match their requirements. Be attentive to their concerns and go the extra mile to help them out. Make sure you listen carefully and facilitate them efficiently.

Offer Support in Different Languages

Being an online business, you might have to communicate with customers globally who speak a different language. It is essential to communicate with these customers in their preferred language in order to offer them a better service experience and increase your sales. Language can turn out to be a barrier in effective communication so you need to offer multilingual support to customers on your website through online chat. Live chat agents should understand different cultural contexts and choose appropriate words to engage with different customers.

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