How to Make Your Theme Park Website Interesting To Attract More Visitors

How to Make Your Theme Park Website Interesting To Attract More Visitors

An interesting website for your theme park is likely to land you more visitors. Many people prefer conducting thorough research online before making a choice so having an informative and visually appealing website is likely to get you customers. What are the elements of an enticing and engaging website? Start off by telling your visitors why they should visit your park. Add photos and videos to your website. You also need to have reviews and testimonials of happy visitors on your website as new visitors would read those reviews before booking. Make sure you have listed all the information regarding opening timings, parking areas, prices, cash machines and all the other important details that your visitors might want to know. Active communication is vital for a delightful online experience, hence, provide your visitors with 24/7 live chat support. Have a look at a few tips that will make your website more interesting and engaging.

Let Your Visitors Know Why They Should Visit Your Park

Include a section on your website like “Worth Knowing” or “Why You Should Book a Trip?” List all the exclusive details of your amusement park in that section. Give important architectural details of all the themes that you have along with the food being offered. Whether you are offering fun rides or a magic show, tell your visitors why your park is such an amazing destination. If there is a special performance by some international artist, mention it. Highlight your family, school, and other packages so that your visitors feel they are getting the best deal.

Give Clear and Detailed Information about Planning a Visit

You need to give clear and detailed information to your prospects about planning a visit. Have an easy-to-navigate park map on your website. Opening and closing timings should be provided on the website. List your summer and winter offers clearly along with pricing details. Have a separate section for school trips and provide all the essential information related to tour operators. Other FAQs like lost and found, restrooms, baby care rooms, lockers, smoking areas and facilities for visitors with disabilities should also be available on your website. It is also good to give out safety instructions about rides and shows to your website visitors.

Use Photos, Videos and Reviews to Enhance Engagement

Encourage your visitors to share their photos, happy memories and videos with you, this is likely to strengthen your customer relationships and would get you more visitors through word of mouth marketing. Having photos, videos and reviews about various park attractions on your website is likely to enhance visitor engagement. Use testimonials, photos and videos of your visitors to attract new prospects. Ask your visitors to write reviews for your website and publish them under the section “Adventure Stories”. You can also use social media platforms to engage more visitors.

Give a Sneak Peek of Upcoming Attractions

Another way to make your theme park website interesting for visitors is to give a sneak peek of upcoming attractions. You can give catchy short descriptions of new rides or the show performances to grab the attention of your visitors. Keeping your visitors informed about upcoming ventures is likely to get you more visitors on the day a new ride is opened. Moreover, you are likely to get prelaunch responses from your visitors which will help you evaluate your new attractions.

Offer Active Customer Support for Queries and Bookings

Visitors landing on the website of your amusement park would want instant response to their queries. Providing interactive customer support is likely to enhance the experience of your visitors. Live chat is a great way to communicate and can help you answer customer queries in real-time. A live chat support service can give suggestions to a visitor to book the most suitable trip according to his/her budget and preferences. Live chat can also be used to answer any queries a customer might have while being at the park, for instance, the location of an attraction ticket price, etc.

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