How to Use the Psychology of Persuasion in Your Marketing

How to Use the Psychology of Persuasion in Your Marketing

The success or failure of a marketing campaign depends on how well you build a perception about your product/service. What matters to your potential customers is not just the quality and price of the product, it comes down to how you make them feel about your product and what they would get from buying it. Dr. Cialdini’s book “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” explains how you can influence people by taking care of their emotional needs. Using the psychology of persuasion, you can influence the buying decisions of your customers. Here are a few tips on using psychology of persuasion in your marketing campaign!

You Have to Give Something to Get Anything in Return

It is human nature that if someone gives us something, we want to give them something back in return. Based on that, give your customers an incentive to convince them into buying from you. For instance, you can give your customers a discount or a gift item on a specific amount of purchase. In order to get more details about your customers, registering, downloading or signing up can be incentivized by offering them a gift card or something similar.

Emotional targeting involves the same principle, promising your prospective customers’ safety or better lifestyle compels them to trust your products.

Building Credibility for Your Brand

Most people tend to follow trends, it is important to give proof to your prospective customers that others are buying from you. Testimonials and reviews build credibility for your brand, they give a proof that people have trust in your products/service. Word of mouth plays a significant role in persuading customers, hence it should be made an essential part of your marketing strategy. Including testimonials, product reviews and success stories in your marketing campaign is likely to win the trust of your potential customers. Social media and live chat for website can also be utilized to build trust with your online customers.

Creating Scarcity for a Product/Service

People are inclined towards buying things that are rare and exclusive. Creating scarcity for a product/service compels customers as they feel a sense of urgency. Limited time offers always entice customers into buying as they feel it is urgent to get that product/service otherwise they will be at a loss. Having a two day or one week sale always brings in more customers. A limited number of stock for a particular item is likely to sell out quickly as customers feel the fear of losing a great product.

Labeling products as “One of its kind” or “Best ever” are also marketing techniques that persuade customers into buying.

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