How Understanding Psychology Can Help You Sell More

How Understanding Psychology Can Help You Sell More

If you want to sell more, you need to know what your customers want and expect. Understanding the psychology of your target audience will help you devise your marketing strategy and tweak your offers according to their needs. Marketers should have a basic insight into buying behavior of prospective customers they are targeting; focusing on the basics of psychology would help you grab attention and increase sales. So how can you persuade your customers to buy from you? Using the power of “Brand Affinity” is one way to stir interest. People always prefer brands that they can relate to, make your target audience feel attached to your brand and they will always buy from you. Buyers look for products/services that can solve their problems and bring comfort to them. Market in a way that you give potential customers the assurance that your product/service solves a problem and is easy to use. Have a look at some more tips that can be utilized to increase sales!

Understand the Expectations of three Basic Kinds of Buyers

Based on spending behavior, there are three basic types of buyers; average spenders make up 61% of your target audience, spendthrifts are usually 15% of the customers and 24% of your buyers think carefully before buying. For each kind of customer you need to devise a marketing strategy that appeals to their needs. For instance, people who are careful with money would like discounts, bundle offers, deals that can save them money. While selling to spendthrifts you can offer new products, focus more on highlighting the unique features of the products and their quality since this group of customers tends to spend money on innovative products/service.

Use the Triggers of “Reward” and “Instant Gratification”

Everyone likes to get rewards and be appreciated. Using these psychological triggers would help you increase sales. For instance, offering customers a gift with every purchase, cashback or free dinner coupons would give them an incentive to buy from you. Customers like those brands that make them feel special and appreciated. So make sure you thank every customer who buys from you, send them thank you cards to express your gratitude, feature their testimonials on your website and invite them to your product launches and events. Give your customers a gesture that they are a valuable asset to your business and they would not only stay loyal to you but are likely to get you word of mouth referrals.

Keep on Surprising Your Customers

If you want to retain the attention of customers and sell more, keep on adding the surprise element to your offers. For instance, tell a customer that he/she has earned a coffee coupon for two by making a purchase from you. Giving customers something unexpected would get them excited and they would choose you over other businesses in the future. On special occasions you can arrange an event in your store and give gifts to customers who participate in contests. Train your customer support staff to surprise your customers more often.

Be a Socially Responsible Brand

Supporting a cause and being a socially responsible brand would help you gain customer loyalty. Surveys show that customers prefer brands they feel are contributing to the well-being of society or environment. Any charitable cause that your company believes in would not only improve the image of your business but is likely to strengthen your customers’ trust. This will help build brand affinity.

Use “Call to Action” Smartly

In order to sell more, you need to use your “call to action” smartly. While most marketers use different call to action techniques, many of them fail to make an impact on buyers because they lack follow up information. Make sure that whatever technique you use, give detailed, clear and accurate follow up information. For instance, if you are sending your potential buyers an email about your new product and you haven’t attached any flyer or relevant material in the email that lists the benefit of the product and how it works, the message is likely to get ignored.

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