The Emerging Trends of Content Marketing

The Emerging Trends of Content Marketing

Midway through the third quarter of 2016, the trends of content marketing for the coming year have already been predicted. Strategists around the world have weighed in on the statistics to conclude how drastically consumer behavior has changed in such a short time. To follow the latest techniques, businesses will have to come up with compelling content and venture into new platforms to reach as many customers as possible. The quality of content is now an utmost priority for users and so should it be for businesses as well. To bring forth best possible user experience, engagement, and Live chat for website, here are a few points that will help you create better content in the coming year.

Be Unique

Gone are the days when generic content was enough to engage the audience towards your business. Today, everyone wants to be awed by what they read, what they see and what they listen to. The content that will get maximum engagement will have to be unique and catered specifically to the taste of your audience, all within their attention span. Unique is the keyword when it comes to generating content. Instead of just writing articles, focus more on telling stories about your clients and your business.

Add Emotions to Your Content

There are numerous examples of successful campaigns that went viral and added considerably to the businesses’ revenue. All of these had one thing in common; emotions! Statistics clearly state that a post having sentimental value is more likely to be liked, shared and discussed. Advertisements that impact customers the most are the ones that stir their emotions. Similar to a great work of fiction or art, content should be able to speak to the user. Businesses need to communicate on a human level and provide not just words, pictures or videos but a wholesome experience.

Visuals Grab More Attention

The average attention span of a user has reduced immensely. An average person who starts reading an article loses interest midway to read something else. Latest trends predict that content distributed all over the web is taking a turn towards the visual element now. As compared to news articles, a pictorial story now grabs more attention. Instead of long data-heavy reports, attractively designed infographics are preferred. Videos and graphics are taking over the content make-up for majority of businesses.

Delve Into New Social Platforms

While Facebook and Twitter are popular social networks among users, new social media platforms are also gaining avid attention. In a very short span, Instagram and Snapchat have attracted a huge number of Millenials. Businesses are focusing their efforts to grab the combined 450 plus million active users that log into both these platforms daily. This less-traveled path to reach customers has created an opportunity for marketers to explore new social media platforms to innovate content campaigns.

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