The Impact of Poor Customer Service

The Impact of Poor Customer Service

Companies which constantly deliver poor customer service eventually go out of business. Customers today have so many options and will turn to a competitor if encountered with a bad service experience. No matter what type of business you are, your customers always want to be heard and treated well.

According to a recent report published by WalkerInfo a consulting firm for customer intelligence, customer experience will surpass price and product as the key brand differentiator by 2020. Customer experience continues to be a decisive factor for many customers. Keeping this in mind, it is important for businesses to understand how a poor service experience would impact the company. Here is a look at what happens:

Loss of business and returning customers

No matter how amazing your product is, if you are not meeting the service expectations of your customers, they will never be satisfied with what you are offering them. Ignoring the needs of your customers and not listening to them will result in annoyed customers who will leave your business. You will never have returning customers if your customer service is not good enough.

Your customers would publicize the truth on social media

If you are not serious about listening to your customers and resolving their issues sincerely and immediately, you are likely to not only lose customers but this will also adversely impact the reputation of your business. Most of the customers will not refrain from revealing the truth about your terrible customer service on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Comments such as these spread rapidly across social media and this will result in your business becoming notorious for providing the most terrible customer service.

The Bottom Line

A poor customer service experience always creates a negative impact on your business no matter how established it is. Every business relies on repeat customers and sales and the positive feedback provided by the customers. Companies delivering poor customer service lose customer loyalty, return business, profits, reputation and employees in the end.

The 3R Rule: Responsibility, Resolution, Respect

If you are passionate about raising your brand’s reputation and want to make sure that your business thrives and grows, you should follow the 3R Rule of Customer Service.

1: Responsibility: Even if your company has made a small mistake or a blunder, you need to take responsibility of that rather than arguing with the customer. Trying to prove the customer wrong will make you lose the customer for good.

2: Resolution: Leaving a customer’s complaint unresolved is considered to be one of the greatest follies in customer service. You need to instantly provide resolution to all your customers’ issues.

3: Respect: The key to winning your customers’ hearts is to treat them with utmost respect. It requires training customer support staff to be extremely courteous and friendly towards all customers no matter what the medium of communication is, be it live chat for business, telephone, or email support.

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